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Well my history is somewhat long so I will try to give the jist of it within these paragraphs.

I'm a 22 year old male. I weight 215 lbs and am 5'4. About a year ago I was doing squats with weights a bit heavier than I should've been lifting. The result was tingling in my arms, hands, and feet. My feet, both, for sometime went numb as I tried to go to sleep. However most of the tingling and numbness subsided. I still have tingling/numbness in my ring and pinky fingers if I sleep in a position where my elbows are bent...I believe this is tennis elbow (i type and rest my weight on my elbows alot). My main concern however is that my left foot still tingles. I saw an orthopedist who took x-rays and an mri of my spine in early 2006 (xrays and mris taken between janurary and march). The x-rays found a 35 degree scoliosis and spina bifida occulta on the last vertebrae (lowest) in my back in which one side of the bone never really developed. Right before visiting the orthopediest I had seen a chiropractor who had placed me in tractions. The tractions did help and my symptoms were relieved. I resumed my regular work out course after 3 weeks and the tingling in my left foot returned. Further tractions proved ineffective. The chiro recommended me to lose weight and that he would follow up with a routine. I've been working on the weight loss and have dropped from 225 to 215 since. The ortho really had no recommendations but did suggest an emg. I refused the emg.

I saw a neurologist the other day who claimed that I may have signs of ms based on a babinski reflex. At the time I didn't know what he meant, but went home and did some research and performed the babinski reflex on myself. I turned out to be normal (i performed the same stroking of the heel to the ball of the foot with a blunt object to my brother and mother and all 3 of us reacted with the normal downward curve reaction) and believe that he had attributed the reflex to me being tickled when his key touched my foot. He has ordered an mri of my brain. The tingling in my foot has seemed to be getting better with time, I really show no other major symptoms of ms, furthermore I believe the weightloss may have helped. However after one year of dealing with this...It has become quite annoying. My sensation is at the same level in both feet, it just feels like there is a small lack of circulation in the left foot best described has having a very very very thin layer (such as a sock) on top of it. The tingling is no longer every day and if it is it is not all day. I hardly notice it sometimes and at other times it is extremely annoying.

If possible i'd like some help regarding the solution of this situation. I am hoping this is not a permanent ordeal. Some other things to note about my history is that exercise (such as walking or running) with my legs has caused my calves to cramp up tightly. In cold situations my extremeties, hands and feet , seem to feel colder than those of people around me. Based on my personal research I think this is either due to poor circulation or a pinched nerve at the l5-s1 area of my back because that is near the region of my spina bifida occulta and the area responsible for nerves in the foot. Thanks for your help.

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