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New/uncommon Parasites Carry Diseases!!

Urgent notice: the u.S. Is on the verge of experiencing new epidemics of infectious diseases caused by uncommon parasites. Shoppers beware!

People are contracting a tiny white parasite from clothing of retail stores or other sources. Parasites are organisms that carry other parasites. Every time a parasite bites, it injects a disease or diseases into the body. Victims exist nationwide. So eventually there will be outbreaks of infectious diseases.

It’s difficult to find health professionals who know the identity of this parasite. Through independent research, i’ve ruled out some things. The pest isn’t lice or mites. It's not collembola or springtails. This tiny white parasite is airborne and breeds really fast. Thus, it's extremely difficult to control and get rid of.

Please pay close attention as I describe the physical attributes and symptoms of this pest. If someone has this pest, they will see 3 types of white things:

1) tiny round things about the size of a spec of salt; some are a little larger. These bright white things are probably some type of egg.

2) tiny, oblong shaped, things. They vary in length from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long. (it grows.) the babies look like a piece of thread or fiber. The larger ones resemble a long piece of rice. Yet they’re bright white. **it unfolds itself to fly. It crawls also.

3) slightly larger round white things that jump.

I see #1 and #2 most often. During the initial stages, dozens of # 1 may appear on the skin, hair, etc. Within a few weeks, there will be an overwhelming amount of # 2 white things. If someone has this pest, they’ll see these white things in all of their environments. Ie, car, home, office

if someone has this pest, they will have the following physical symptoms:
1) bites that sting
2) red skin rashes and/or small red bumps
3) lighting sensations; victims will feel the pest or its eggs lighting on their skin.
4) optional: itching **i don’t itch, but some victims have an itching problem.

If someone has this white parasite, it will create both physical and environmental issues. It's not limited to your hair, clothing, and body. It will infest fabric and non-fabric items. This parasite will be all over the place! Ie, a pocketbook, car, paper, etc.

Pest control---i haven't yet found a pesticide that completely removed the pest and its eggs. I spray every day. Due to fast breeding, the infestation does not go away. This is a relentless pest!

Entomologists, health departments, medical doctors, and pest control companies aren’t familiar with this pest. Some professionals will claim there’s no such thing. Others will give victims a false diagnosis. Therefore, they can’t get the necessary help. **this parasite is not related to morgellons/fibre disease.

This pest is more contagious than lice. It was reported to the cdc parasitic disease branch in atlanta. They gave an unhelpful and non-chalant response. I've heard no evidence of an active federal investigation. Other sources revealed reports are being made throughout the u.S. Unfortunately, this parasite may become widespread before officials take a strong initiative to investigate it.

If you have any information on this white parasite, please write me asap. If you know anyone who is infested with it, have them write me at: twfparasite(at)yahoo(dot)com (use the "at" symbol and period.)

thanks for your time and assistance.
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First Helper helpdatx

replied May 31st, 2009
I have it. And pictures of it in a microscope too. I don't know what it is.
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replied April 10th, 2012
I might have it too
can you post your pictures somewhere?
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replied October 8th, 2015
My apartment is full of them right now
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replied December 4th, 2013
Hello Doctor,

If husband's blood group is B+ and wife's blood group is also B+, then is there any problem for pragnancy?

Please reply soon.
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replied September 29th, 2014
I absolutely have it
Ive been using Biospot spray and wash on myself and my pets. These thngs are relentless. Ive been spraying bleach before I shower and after, find that oil mixed with eucalyptus essential oil helps smother them and I have to scrape them off my skin as they pop out.I have some on tissue in a ziploc bag but am petrified to bring them to my dr bc I dont want to be labeled as a nut for having my "matchbox collection".they look like collembolla, splinters, and tiny white-yellow eggs. Theres also pieces of threads that surface with them , on them..and ive started to think they end up with the thread from going thru the fabric they bite thru. Or they are trying to build nests with it. Idk but I DO know that they absolutely exist. Ive ended up with lesions, a staph infection and serious scarring. They are internal as well and ive no idea how to get them out of me. They are also crazy active when im around other people as if they're excited for new bodies to infect. They are everywhere and ive found clusters of eggs in my washer so that might be why im getting reinfected etc. The other thing is bathwater. . Unless you add oil? You're opening pores to let them back in! Cover your hands with blue star ointment and eucalyptus oil and they bite on their way out! So afraid to be labeled as nuts, im going crazy as a result!!!
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replied November 19th, 2015
For anyone fighting a bug they can't see but have a biting sensation. If you see floating fibers check fiberglass. After 60 days of hell we now know we were invaded by fiberglass from our wall heater.
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replied January 28th, 2019
I think I have them, I know it. Since I got them I have never felt so ill. My immune system is bad, my white blood cell count is high, my vitamin d is super low, I lost 20 pounds lost some hair lost my looks and self esteem. The bites are like sharp stings, and leave blood blister type of bite, ruined my skin, in my ears, nose, mouth groin etc they are in my clothing and shoes and everything I own. I look like a leper and feel very fatigued, headache, cramps, pale, cant concentrate. Cant have a relationship, am afraid people will see the bugs on my hair they can already see my ruined skin lumps welts scratches blood blisters hives. Cant even keep a conversation because I am constantly being bitten and it really hurts! lol. oh Lord! this is my worse nightmare.
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