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Wisdom Tooth Removal At 13

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I'm 13 + 1/2. And i'm getting my wisdom tooth removed because the tooth infront of it was impacted. That one was fixed by braces but now the wisdom behind it has to be removed.

My wisdoms haven't come out yet but I can feel the corners of the tooth under my gums. I'm getting that one pulled out under local anethesia.

I'm wondering if anyones had this procedure done before and how it was and any tips or anything at all.
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replied September 24th, 2006
Hey! Dont be scared its a good thing that your getting your wisdom teeth removed. The best time to get them removed is when your young because the bone holding your teeth in makes it much easier for the tooth to come out.So its not as painful. Like me for example I am 21 yrs old my bottom two wisdom teeth are under my gums and impacted and my occipital lymph node is enlarged cuz its trying to fight the infection!!!!!!! Its painful!!! So I am now pulling my wisdom teeth out they cause nothing but problems!
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