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Asthma Treatment With Garlic

This recipe need 10-15 heads purple garlic and 1-15g muskiness. Let the patient lie prone on bed, clean the back with suds and brine. Daub the muskiness powder on the rectangle width about 30mm from the 7th thoracic vertebra to the 12th, covered with mashed garlic for 60-75 munites.Clean the back again, then plaster some boric acid ointment, covered with plastic pellicle and fixed with rubberized fabric.

This recipe is usually used for bronchia asthma. In 184 patients with bronchia asthma, there were 72 being tracked under 2 years, 58 markedly effective, 10 improved, 4 noneffective; other 112 had been tracked over 2 years, 46 recovered , 42 markedly effective, 19 improved, 5 noneffective.

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Garlic-recipes.Com/health/2006-09-09/asthm a-10491.Shtml
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