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Raised Itchy Bumps Behind My Ear On My Neck

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Please help....It allstarts out I feel kinda ichy on my body and mostly on my neck scalp arms well everywhere...Then I had a break out of pimples around my mouth abotu 6 big ones.....Wher I break out occasionally but not this bad .Then I wake today to find that I have thes little raised not exactly red more like clear skin colored bumps behind and on my ear lobes.....Like 200 small bumps....Then on my neck right on the throut a cluster of larger red bumps and on the uderside of my fore arm spread out litle bumps....Last time this happened I used aveeno anti itch with calamine and it went away....Any suggestions on what I should do...Or what is causing this?????
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replied September 9th, 2006
Could be alot of things although in my opinion it sounds like hives or (urticaria).

You could try using an antihistimine such as clarityn (you can buy this stuff at your local chemist) and take it for a few days to see if your symptons go away, if they do you can pretty much safely say that it is an allergy related condition and you could then look to see what might be causing it eg(change in detergant, after eating a certain food etc.)

if they dont go away then you should go to your gp or maybe go straight to a dermatologist.

Hope this helps you

best of luck
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