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Bleeding Between Periods- No Pain

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Hi, i'm 28, and have two children- no trouble conceiving, no previous wonky period history- always normal, never any cramps or anything.
My youngest child is nearly 10 months old, and my periods had returned to normal, I went back on the pill ohh....6 months ago now.
Last month, a week after my normal period ended, I started bleeding again (so, day 14 or so of my cycle) it was exactly like a period in terms of flow and duration- 5-6 days later it ended.
I wasn't sure when to expect my next period, but it ended up coming 28 days after the first day of the second bleed. It ended as usual, and I was happily taking my active pills again thinking all was resotored to normal. A week into the active pills, and the bleeding started again, enough to need to use a tampon etc, but not a normal period type flow. I figured as soon as it stopped i'd go and get a pap smear, which i'm overdue for, but it's been 10 days now and i'm still bleeding. Instead of getting lighter, it's getting heavier, and instead of being brownish, it's getting more and more red.
As far as my pill packet tells me, I have only about 6 days of active pills left, before my period is due again- what do you think is going on here???
I'm definately not in any pain, but starting to get concerned.
Any thoughts? I'm pretty sure if I go to a doctor they'll just tell me to come back for a look at things when the bleeding has stopped.
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replied September 6th, 2006
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The only advice I can offer you is the same that I was told when this happened to me. The hormones in your pill may not be strong enough for you... Or they may even be too strong. Therefore making the pill not so effective in your system! I hope if you don't plan on having any kids right now that you are using another source of bc. In any case I would go to a doctor, and get on a new type of pill.
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replied May 8th, 2011
I've been bleeding every day since febuary
my dr gave me a pill to stop the bleeding
and she has since changed my pill twice
woke up this morning to more blood its
just like a normal period my lower back
really hurts and really bad cramps in my
tummy why is this happening to me and why
won't my period stop?
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