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Sore Lump On My Left Breast

Hello. I'm 17 and my mom has actually recently finished chemo and is starting on radiation next week for breast cancer.

I found a sore/painful lump under the nipple on my left breast a week ago. My period also came with it, so I thought the lump was going to go once my period ends. My period just ended a day ago, but the lump is still there with no signs of swelling down.

I was afraid to upset my mom, but I finally worked up the courage to tell her, and she said my lump feels different from her cancer. It's kind of hard, like a soft bone and it's surrounding is kind of thick and sore to press.

I'm going to call the doctor as soon as the long weekend is up...But it's the long weekend, and i'm afraid that there won't be a appointment available soon...
Have I waited too long already?
And even with my mom as my family history, it's still rare for a teen to get cancer, right?

Someone please enlighten me, because even the long weekend is too long a wait now...
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replied September 3rd, 2006
Dont Mess Around
Get it checked immediately.

If you're canadian there's Findprivateclinics.Ca. Get a private clinic that can take you right away.

If you're in the states don't wait.....Make an appointment now.

Knowing makes all the difference. Waiting will only worsen.

Good luck!
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replied September 3rd, 2006
Thank-you so much on replying~ and so fast too~

oh my, i'm sorry if I sound stupid or just out of whacked...But is my situation so serious that I can't wait 2 days~?

Don't worry, I understand that I will get an appointment as soon as possible. I'll go to a private clinic if I must. But, I have waited a week already... Is another 2 days dangerous?

But thank-you~! Thank-you so much, this means a lot to me~!
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