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Regarding Beckster06 Stillbirth

I just want to thank you all for such kind words. I had tears in my eyes whilst reading the replies. It is very hard for me to carry on as normal with our two kids when all I want to do is break down.
My wife is a wreck so I have to be strong for her. It is of little comfort that we have 2 children to look after as constant reminders of our loss.
I just want to say though that you have been kind. We have been given lots of helpline numbers to help us but I don't feel like I could talk over the phone to someone so it does feel good to put my pain into writing. When I was younger I used to keep a diary when I was feeling down. I think this is something I will have to do again now.

Kind regards,
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replied September 3rd, 2006
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Your always welcome to come here and talk...I know its sort of weird talking over the phone to people that you dont know ..About the things going on in your life..But here its kind of different because you can type away and vent..It always makes me feel alot better to tell everyone here my problems..Because alot of girls here ..Have kind things to say to pick you back up on your feet during difficult times...I hope things get better ...Im sure its going to be hard ..But I want you to know im praying for you and your family..And so is the rest of the members on this forum who read this horrible story about your little girl..

I know that I cant say i've been in your exact situation but I did loose my parents in nov of 04 I was only 17 ..And it was the most horrible things in this world ..Something I thought would never happen..And since ive found that the easiest way to get it off your mind is to talk to others about it ..And get those hard feelings out...So feel free to post about anything ..We are all here to help you and rebecca ...!!

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