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My Two Year Old Will Harldy Eat

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My daughter will be 2 in oct and she will hardly eat anything. A couple bites here and there and thats it. I don't fill her up with milk or juice. I just was wondering if anyone has had that problem and she also holds the food in her mouth. Thanks
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replied September 12th, 2006
Don't worry, as long as she is not sick and and stays hydrated she is fine. My 2 year old son barely eats anything as well and that is just him. Sometimes I wonder how in the world he he is so active but what it comes down to is he is eating just enough for him. He would eat more if he wanted to. Once I accepted that it was just how he was it was much less stressful. Make sure though that when it is meal times you are consistent with a meal time routine because that can affect things as well. If you want to (and this is what I did) I ended up giving him pediasure with his meals because that way I know that even if he isn't eating alot he is at least getting all the nutrition he needs and then some through the pediasure drink. It makes up for the nutrition they aren't getting because they eat so little! Hope that helps!
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