First of let me say I am new to this place, and hi to everyone.

now I have a problem, i'm really light sensitive, doc said that my pupils don't close enough allowing too might light to flitter in. I can't stand the sun, or even those bright indoor lights that most stores have. It's not only uncomfortable, but painful as well, it feels as if someone was putting a knife though my eye. I always have to wear sunglasses, day and night, which has earned me the nickname of "the vampire" but I wonder if there's anyone else out there with this problem, and if there's anything they do about it other than wear sun glasses? It would be nice to hear from other people with this problem.

And also, I was told that I have very little pigmentation behind my eyes, which is common among people with light colored eyes, but mine are brown, black looking, and I was told this was very rare. I come from a long line of people with blue or green eyes, so I don't know if it would be genetics, but I had never heard of this before, I wonder if anyone has, or if any of you have this as well?
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replied May 23rd, 2011
eye sensitivity
to tell you i do kind of have that problem! i am 22 caucasian male, i smoke, and have diabetes, the sun absolutley destroys my eyes. i cannot go out in the sun without sunglasses or i will be squinting all day and at night i get light glares which makes the car headlights and streetlights kind of shine and spread out in a star shape. its very painful to open my eyes in the sun even when looking away from it. i was allways wondering if there was something wrong with my eyes. i have kind of light eyes... hazel ( light brown in the middle with green outside. and i was also thinking of taking st. john wort for my anxiety/depression but once i read that photosensitivity was a side effect i decided not to take it because it could make my eyes even worse. i dont wear glasses or contacts but light color writing or anything in highschool was hard for me to read on a white board. inside lights do hurt my eyes a little but not nearly as bad as outside. so i was also wondering the same thing if this could be a possible cateract condition. i did research but nothing is very informative. so others opinions might give me an idea on what to do about this besides wear sunglasses.
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