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Numbness, Tingling, & Pain In Right Arm And Hand

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I started work in a lumber yard two weeks ago, lifting boards (some very heavy) 10 1/2 hrs. / day. After a few days, I began having numbness, tingling, & pain in my right arm and hand that would wake me up from sleep. Since then the symptoms have been occurring more frequently. When i'm at work the symptoms are minimal; they seem to magnify when i'm not working strenuously. A few years ago I cut firewood during the winter and had these same symptoms. The source of my discomfort feels like it stems from underneath my right bicep. I don't have any health insurance at this time, so I don't want to go to a doctor. If anyone has any ideas that would help ease or take away my symptoms, i'd love to hear them. I assume I damaged a nerve cutting firewood a few years ago and the heavy lifting at the lumber yard has 'hit a sore spot.' if anyone has insight on what I might have done neurologically to cause these symptoms, i'd also like to hear from you. Even as I type, my arm and hand are giving me fits. Thanks.
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First Helper mddrev

replied July 7th, 2012
Tingling in the right arm and hand.
I had something similar. I was lifting heavy boxes and ended up pulling a muscle in my neck. This caused pain in my right arm. After I went to therapy and one year later, my neck felt better, but I have tingling in my right arm and hand. So go to the doctor when you get a chance to get a MRI to find out what part of your body was damaged.
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