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anterior listhesis , disc bulge , bilateral stenosis , nerve

I have had back and pelvic issues off and on for years now.........Have severe back pain, leg numbness and fatigue, had an mri and some x rays done....And saw two neurologists.

Of course each neurologist had a different opinion. One said conservative treatment, maybe surgery in 20 years...........The other is pushing me for a discogram and surgery asap. I finally went to my family doc and he explained to me that back surgery is not something he would consider seriously unless there is a real danger of my nerve becoming permanently damaged resulting in complete paralysis, or if I have bowel/bladder symptoms. Well, I *kind of * developed a new bowel/bladder symptom, though it is not inability to control myself. Just some "shockwaves" go up my back at times when I Embarassed let's say take care of business. (i know to get to the er pronto if I lose ability to control)

my now new insurance company will not allow me to go either of the two neurosurgeons I had seen so my doc picked one out of my hmo's choices and said yeah, he's pretty good.....And we could use a third opinion here.

Well, of course I am fretting now!....Paralysis?!?....Geez...Noone ever mentioned that before. The initial goal was just to get me moving around again, which I did.

Here is what my mri shows:

anterior listhesis
disc bulge
bilateral stenosis
nerve root radiculopathy

i have heard so many different opinions of people who have had back surgery, and it doesn't sound good to me. My family doc said yesterday he wouldn't let anyone touch his back unless there were a real chance of permanent nerve damage/paralysis. He said if it's some pain, some numbness...Some fatigue...He would attempt to work with it. Again, my main symptoms are back pain, tingly legs particularly front of calves to big toes, and lots of leg fatigue.

What do I do? I am really really really scared now...To the point I want to vomit.

Anyone have anything to add to this? Anyone with experience.....That can really help because all the reading in the world about these conditions doesn't give me the real scoop.

Thanks bunches Smile
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replied August 31st, 2009
I am in the same situation as you with anterior listhesis. Two neurosurgeons here in Australia want to fuse L4/L5 but L3/L4 is not healthy and the suregry would simply put pressure on that area. Have you run into any viable alternatives?


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replied February 15th, 2011
just go for natural remedies like acupuncture,acupressure...u surely will get benefited..thats my experience...
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