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Normal Hormone Levels During 1st Trimester?

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i'm 11 weeks pregnant and had some blood tests done last week to determine my estradiol and progesterone levels and was wondering if you could tell me if they fall within the normal range. I can't find any other figures online or in my medical books that correspond with the ones that the lab sent me, so have nothing as a reference point.

Estradiol 12336 pmol/l , 3355 ng/l
progesterone 116.4 nmol/l

what does the pmol/l stand for and the nmol/l and what does that correspond to in terms of per mg?

It really confused me becuase the normal values that they showed for the various stages of the menstrual cycle on the same paper were much lower than these, and it looked like my levels were extremely elevated, especially the estradiol.

I am concerned simply becuase I am very high risk for miscarriage and have a large hematoma at the base of my uterus that has been bleeding out, and we thought I had miscarried 3 weeks ago because I suddenly lost about 2 cups of blood. We went to the doctor the next day and the baby was fine, the placenta was anchored in much higher up in my uterus so was ok.

However, the doctor put me on duphaston (dydrogesterone) a synthetic progesterone as a precaution to try and prevent any cramping and help the uterus relax etc to prevent miscarriage. I had the blood tests done the day before I started the duphaston. I am now concerned that if my progesterone levels are quite fine on their own, that taking the duphaston is not helping at all and could be causing harm, as I know there is increased risk of fetal deformities from using synthetic hormones during pregnancy.

I am plannign on switching to a natural progesterone cream in the coming week, so that I can avoid the risk of the birth defects, but I may have already exposed the baby to that risk.

I also just found out yesterday that I have a minor bacterial infection from the last vaginal swab that they did. They gave me a prescription for something, but I don't want to take any drugs while pregnant as they carry other risks as well. I need a natural alternative, any ideas?

Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.
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replied September 17th, 2006
I found this on the web... I don't know about the other one though...
Doesn't it seem like doctors could explain a little more?!? I've been going through a lot of testing and it feels like all they do is give me a number and tell me i'm fine... So frustrating.

Progesterone (during pregnancy)
1st trimester:
900–4,700 ng/dl
9–47 ng/ml

2nd trimester:
1,700–14,700 ng/dl
17–147 ng/ml

3rd trimester:
5,500–20,000 ng/dl
55–200 ng/ml
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replied January 30th, 2008
duphaston intake
for the query about duphaston intake.. dont worry about taking duphaston. it is safe during pregnancy. your progesterone levels before taking duphaston is not everything to look at. there are clinical trials on cases that had normal progesterone but abnormal response to it due to receptors issues.
duphaston has been tried in several clinical trials that you can even search the web and check them
... i dont want to explain a lot. just keep on duphaston till week 14 or 16

dont worry and wishing you a safe delivery
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