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Ritalin And Cancer Connection?

To whom it may concern: monday, august 21, 2006

please notify others, this is too important not to pass on…

we have a very serious concern, please read and pass it on! I only wish someone had passed this on to me, or that I had been privy to this information 10 years ago. Note: this information is of a serious nature and is intended for adults.

This is a true story. One of our children has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Much worse than it sounds, it’s bone marrow failure (damage), effecting all 3 blood cell types, and potentially, chromosomal changes resulting in genetic dna damage; after nearly 8 years of ritalin consumption. Initially, a urinalysis identified proteins in the urine (indicative of disease). Blood tests showed ‘low blood platelets’, two bone marrow biopsies (bmb) confirmed a diagnosis of aplastic anemia. Fyi - a bone marrow biopsy reveals "cellularity", which is "the quality and quantity of the billions of cells our bone marrow creates per day." our child should be at 60-70% cellularity. The first bmb revealed a cellularity of 15-20% with patches of 1-2%. We suspected the ritalin then, but our oncologist denied the connection, however, we discontinued it’s use anyway. Two years later, now 2006, our child’s red & white blood cells now followed suit and are now both seriously low too. All tests ruled out pre-existing genetic tendencies for disease, so it’s technically, secondary aplastic anemia (it was acquired). A 1991 rx drug guide lists "low blood platelets, and low red & white blood cells as a severe adverse reaction to ritalin." additionally, the pdr (physician’s desk reference) guide from as early as 1979 also listed itp, and leukopenia, as serious adverse reactions. However, this information is not on drug label warnings that parents receive today. Why has this information been suppressed? We are horrified, shocked and outraged! The reason I write? An estimated 6 million children on ritalin. It is not known how long a child must be on these types of meds to begin experiencing a toxicity in their blood cells, but i’m concerned it may not be too long, see Newswise.Com/articles/view/510069/ (see study info below too). We believed the adhd lie…... Please read on…

generic ritalin is methylphenidate hydrochloride (methylin). This includes: ritalin (sr & lr) focalin, methylin er, metadate er, concerta. Strattera and adderall are mixed salts. These are central nervous system stimulants, and they are "not" mild. Let’s call it what it is: legalized speed (amphetamines). These drugs not only alter the brain, but the body in totality, they alter behavior by altering the child; physically, mentally, and emotionally. The very things you are trying to treat with these drugs are also symptoms these drugs cause over time. While admittedly these drugs are very effective "controls," they do not cure any "alleged adhd" symptom. Adhd is often diagnosed frivolously and is nothing more than a list of behaviors that could apply to the general population. It is not a disease in life or in autopsy. Meanwhile, this drug alters brain neurotransmitters, shrinks the brain over time, stunts growth, causes vision impairments, memory loss, and inflicts immune system toxicity (poison) by chemically altering the blood cells and bone marrow which causes serious harm. Many deaths to date have been heart related. However, it is clear to our family that damage reaches far beyond the heart to the hematological system (i.E. "genetic toxicity of the blood and immune system.") in effect, it is an exposure to a higher risk of cancer/leukemia. Sometimes aplastic anemia is a pre-cursor to leukemia. It is also important to note, this has quietly progressed in our child. Symptom-less! If that’s not enough, the above related damage could extend to infertility and reproductive harm. Do we really have "drug free school zones?" new off campus drugs are "extended time release pills" to stay in the body longer, releasing chemicals over time. You may think that your child will not make it to adulthood without these medications, we erroneously thought that too. Now we wonder if our child will live to adulthood? Can you imagine that epiphany! Our own u.S. Military will exclude our children from service because of the use of these medications. We are too busy and preoccupied to properly disciple and teach our own children better ways of behavior, we desire a quick fix, and so we have become a ritalin nation consuming 90-95% of the world’s ritalin.

Ritalin was marketed in 1955 (before testing required), authorized for use in children in 1961. On the market 45 years. I highly suspect this drug was predominately shunned and/or used short term by the majority of parents in 60’s, 70’s, to mid 80’s. In the 50’s they called children "fidgety", 60’s "hyperkinetic", 80’s "add", in 1987 an "h" was added and adhd was born. Within one year 500,000 children were labeled with adhd (1988). However, in the 90’s ritalin consumption increased exponentially 600-800%! We are a society that has become complacent with drugging our children to control behaviors (to control them). With new buzz words like o.D.D. (oppositional defiance disorder) on the horizon. Some children are being diagnosed and medicated with several different labels (adhd/bi-polar) and psychotropic drugs at one time. Rx labeling restricts use of these drugs to children under age 6, although toddlers are now being targeted for administration; as are cancer patients, and the elderly. Dilemna , a false sense of security that the drug is safe (time on market); therein seemingly safe to medicate long term; cultural acceptance of labeling kids with behavior/learning related disorders (calling them diseases)& drugging them. We simply must see big pharma for what it is, "a smiling, billion dollar industry." this is unacceptable. What is needed is an explosive public outcry.

Research: 45 years later and up till now, very little research has been done on humans regarding ritalin. Why? But then, in 2005 a texas ritalin study showed all 12 children had significant chromosomal concerns after only 3 months on the drug. How can novartis go 45 yrs. & not know that? To date, they still ‘claim’ that they do not know the long term effects. The texas study has now prompted a $2 million dollar budget allocation by the fda for budget year 2007, to specifically "study and evaluate the genetic toxicity and behavioral effects of chronic methylphenidate exposure." it’s more than a little late. Some 40 years after the drug was first marketed mice developed a statistically significant incidence of liver abnormalities and tumors, including highly aggressive rare cancers known as hepatoblastomas. Preventcancer.Com/patients/med_avoid/rital in.htm the national toxicology program concluded that ritalin is a "possible human carcinogen," and recommended the need for further research. While still insisting that the drug is safe, the fda admitted that these findings signal "carcinogenic potential," and required a statement to this effect in the drug's package insert. However, these inserts are not seen by parents or nurses. Here’s another: Fda.Gov/bbs/topics/answers/ans00705.html the fda has received numerous "severe adverse reaction" complaints about ritalin. In fact, there have been other reported cases of blood platelets, blood cell, and bone marrow failures associated with ritalin, but these reports are seemingly buried. They appear in files with names such as: "itp"- immune thrombocytopenia purpura; leukopenia; pancytopenia; neutropenia; and aplastic anemia. It is paramount that you understand that I do not believe my child’s case is an isolated rare incident, but rather, a fact of what these drugs do to children over time. This was not a side effect, this is a forward effect. Follow me? It will probably take them another 45 years to do a study lasting 2-3 years, let alone 8 years. Giving children dna damaging drugs to the tune of 6 million is "scandalous!" more backside covering will certainly follow when it cannot be hidden any longer. I cannot even be assured at this point that I would completely trust a study result funded by the fda. The fda is not doing a proper job of protecting us, and are in fact, part of the problem. They’re new "preemptive policy" will actually help to shelter drug companies from tort liability cases. See: adhd, drug labels, and the fda: the continuing pre-emption of public health at psychrights.Org/drugs/stimulants4adhd/jack sonpre-emption.Pdf (9th article from the top). Some motivation? In 1991, schools began receiving educational grants of $400 annually for each adhd child. The same year, the us department of education classified the disorder as a handicap, which required special services to be provided to each disabled child. These funds are factual but are categorically hidden in the various disability labels to which schools receive funding for. A few years later, it was classified as a disability and a cash incentive program was initiated for low-income families with children diagnosed with adhd.

Benzene is hailed in some reports as the mother of all carcinogens. Ritalin has a benzene ring in it’s chemical structure. The simplest member of a benzene ring is benzene. Ritalin appears to be displaying "benzene like effects" with it’s ability "like benzene" to cause aplastic anemia. I am aware of 3 rx drugs that do cause aplastic anemia; all 3 are anti-convulsant medications and all have very serious black box warning labels, but ritalin does not.Also see Humboldt.Edu/~morgan/methyl.htm search for this phrase: "the benzene ring is also one of the major reasons that methylphenidate has such strong side effects with certain prescription drugs like … anti convulsants, (rxlist.Com)." other ingredients of concern are methylphenidate (ethyl) hydrochloride (salts) & polyethylene glycol (used to make many plastics products in our environment today, & a derivative of ethylene.)

if your child is on ritalin: I strongly recommend "a cbc complete blood count with platelets" be requested and monitored over time. Learn to read the blood/lab reports yourself. Look for items "out of range." parents have a right to know. It’s called informed consent. Please tell anyone you know who will listen and consider this information. Note: please consult a physician when discontinuing medication of any kind.

If you are prescribed medication, you can go online to Accessdata.Fda.Gov/scripts/cder/drugsatfda / and type in the drug name, check out it’s approval history, labeling info., and read the studies that may or may not have been done. Define words with online medical dictionaries and ask pharmacists for the "drug insert fact sheet" on serious adverse reactions for each drug you take, they receive them from the manufacturer, but only give them out if you ask for them. They provide them upon request.


fda 2007 budget – genotoxicity of chronic methylphenidate exposure.

Fda.Gov/oc/oms/ofm/budget/2007/html/tables /sourcesoffunding.htm (12th row down from top)

2005 texas ritalin study results - psychrights.Org/drugs/cytogenetic-ritalin. Pdf

fda transcript report; doctors discussing ritalin study – ie. Read pages 49-72

Fda.Gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/05/transcripts/20 05-4152t2_transcript.Pdf

upcoming fda-niehs study - genetic meas. In blood cells of children taking adderall /methylphenidate Clinicaltrials.Gov/ct/gui/show/nct00341029 ;jsessionid=597b445aca1f5de19b35f16bcbbeb0 d2?Order=33

psychopharmacology team projects - ritalin a medication of paradox

Humboldt.Edu/~morgan/methyl.htm and Humboldt.Edu/~morgan/adhd_s01.htm

federal laws pertaining to adhd diagnosed children (idea) school funding….

Pbs.Org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/medicat ing/schools/feds.html

this information has been condensed for distribution purposes. I cannot possibly afford the mass distribution this info deserves, but with your help, electronic and hard copies can be distributed worldwide. Please write us for an electronic copy, if your child is ill in like manner, or you appreciated the notice, perhaps you have questions or comments?
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replied January 10th, 2009
My son had aplastic anemia
Very very interesting info you have provided. My 22 yr old son was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia last December 2007. He did take ritalin for a few months when he was in Middle school. I took him off it. He took a prescribed methamphetamine drug for a a few months while he was in college hoping it would help him be more focused. He saw no improvement and quit college out of frustration. He then worked at a gas station for 1 1/2 yrs where he constantly was exposed to diesel exhaust which has more benzene than the gas itself. What I find interesting is I contacted Healers Who Share and sent a saliva sample to them. One of the remedies is for methamphetimine damage, another is for drug damage, a couple more for leukemia. I was a little suprised since my son doesn't have leukemia. He has secondary TTP from a bone marrow transplant. These remedies are amazing.
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replied January 12th, 2009
Hi happy to be here,
one other question? what was the prescribed methamphetamine drug your son took in college, and did he ever take that drug any other way than what it was prescribed by chance? for instance, i've heard some college students (sadly) crush and snort these drugs.
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replied January 13th, 2009
I don't know what he took in college. One of the drugs listed on your website rang a bell, but I don't know what it is right now.
No. He is not a drug abuser. Hates drugs. He barely takes the drugs they prescribe for him now which include oxycodone and ativan, and 4 different ones for blood pressure, a couple for kidneys, antiviral, blah blah blah..
Your website is very interesting. I will be going back to read it more thoroughly. Thanks. Any questions, please ask.
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replied January 14th, 2009
thank you for responding. If only one child is hurt by ADHD drugs ruining their life, it is an ADHD Drug Atrocity. These drugs do NOTcure anything, they only serve to mask the problem, and actually make it worse over time. The ability to focus gets worse on these drugs, but most folks only look at the short term results in which the drugs are effective controls. Little does anyone know that the drugs are assaulting the blood cells, thyroid, gut and immune system in such a way to shut down the bone marrow and cause blood cell diseases, disorders and cancers. The powers that be, are shutting their eyes to the truth in an effort to stuff more money in their pockets in the meantime. What a tragic tragedy this will be for many children and families.
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replied October 17th, 2010
Cancer and ritalin
Hello there. I am a cancer survivor, and I have reason to beleve that ritalin gave me cancer a few years back. When I was 11 I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer known as lymhnoblastic lymphoma. The strange part about it is that after I was diagnosed my parents took me off the ritalin and the canser was gone after 8 months of chemo, also there is no known cause for this type of cancer eather. Someone told me that I should be able to have a lawsuit against the Ritalin company. Is this true?
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