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Lower Back Pain-prolotherapy?

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I fell at work in july'03 have been diagnosed with sacrum joint strain/sprain. I have had physical therapy(no help), steroid injections(2-day relief),been to chiro,been to pain mgt., now ortho sp.. Now he has suggested prolotherapy. Has anyone heard of this or had this done? Did it work ? It sounds like it might, I looked it up on google with lots of results, but I still have lots of questions about it. The Dr. Is saying if I don't do this prolo thing that it is the last thing to try for ligament injury and my comp case will be closed. Confused Please give your opinions. Ty
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replied February 11th, 2004
Hi! Your pain sounds so much like mine, and I would love to try this. I read from another board, and so many have benefited from it. So much. Of course, some didn't, but they were none the worse off and glad they tried. So, are you saying your workers comp will pay for this???? I'm wc, too, and I just assumed they wouldn't, since most insurance companies don't. People, esp w/ si joint/sacral pain, spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on it. Please try it, esp if someone is paying! I would be the first one in line.
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replied March 28th, 2004
Prolotherapy For Sacroiliac Joint Problem
I'm doing reasonably well with hands on physical therapy and water exercises for this problem, but if it doesn't continue helping and leave me feeling well for prolonged periods, i'm going to try prolotherapy. There are no risks involved.

You don't want to let the problem go on without effort to correct as it will cause more problems..Lumbar.

There is a specialist in atlanta allan lippett, who has written studies on it and when all else fails there is a surgery for it. A minimally invasive one and a major one...So,

hands on pt
water exercises
prolotherapy with simultaneous pt

work hard on the top 3
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