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How to Use Your Cervical Mucus to Get Pregnant

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Cervical fluid is the mucus that is secreted from the cervix. It is produced by the hormone estrogen in the first phase of a monthly cycle. Cervical fluid is an essential element to conception due to its ability to keep sperm alive for up to five days (in fertile quality fluid), protects it from the acidity in the vagina and transports the sperm to the outer third wall of the fallopian tube where fertilization takes place.

What does cervical fluid look like?
Cervical fluid will range in abundance, consistency, color and fertile quality due to the increasing level of estrogen within the first phase of your cycle. Typically the changes in fluid will fall into the following pattern.

Dry or light moisture - infertile
after menstruation for a period of 3 - 5 days you may experience no fluid at all or a small amount of moisture. Color of any existing fluid is clear or slightly white but will dry immediately on your fingertips. Overall sensation is not wet at this time.

Sticky or gummy - infertile
cervical fluid then changes to feeling sticky for a period of 2 - 3 days. When rubbed between your fingertips it may give a small amount of resistance, feels slightly gummy or may even crumble. The color will range from clear to white and although you may feel a small amount of moisture the fluid is still dry and does not feel wet at this time.

Creamy, milky, lotion like - fertile
cervical fluid now becomes much more abundant and will feel wet from 2 - 4 days. It can appear either thick and creamy or like hand lotion and will form peaks in your fingertips when pulled apart or can be thinner and look milky. Color of the fluid is white or yellow and the overall vaginal sensation is wet.

Eggwhite cervical fluid - very fertile
cervical fluid now reaches its most fertile stage for 1 - 5 days. The fluid will look and have the consistency of eggwhites. It is slippery to the touch and if pulled between the fingertips will stretch 1 - 10 inches! The color can be clear or iridescent and the overall sensation is extremely wet.

Dry, moist or sticky - infertile
cervical fluid will now change drastically due to the drop in estrogen and the surge of progesterone following ovulation. It can be dry, watery, moist or sticky and will remain in that stage until the end of your monthly cycle - which is the day before your menstrual period begins. Any fluid at all will dry up quickly upon your fingertips, can range from no color to white and your overall vaginal sensation will be dry at this time.
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