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I Just Started Taking Birth Control And I Have a Few Q's

I have sprintec brand birth control and i've been taking it for a week now, on the pack it says if you took it on the first day of your period then you don't have to wait anytime after your period ends before you can safely have sex, and it says its only 7 days if you do the sunday start. Also I have a question about the white pills and when i'm going to have my period. I understand the white pills do not have any hormones in them, but does that mean that I shouldn't be having sex during those times or do the last blue pills in the cycle keep me covered for those 7 days? Also since I started the first pack on the day of my period, there is only going to be 2 weeks of blue pills once my period ends so does that mean my period is going to start early that month and start when I start to take the white pills or will I just be taking blue pills during my period again? Any answers to these questions would be very helpful. Thanks ahead for the help.
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replied August 13th, 2006
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The pill takes over your cycle, so you would have a period when your 'placebo/hormone free pills" are taken.

You may have bleeding in between cycles, or even spotting, but this is not a period, even though it is blood, it is just breakthrough bleeding.

You are protected on day 1 when you start the first day of your period, and you are protected on your placebo pills as well.
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