I would like any medical professionals or students to read what I have to say and offer any thoughts or opinions.

I went to my doctor (gp) and explained to him that I was concerned with the number of headaches I was having. He referred me to a neurologist.

My symptoms are
- persistent headaches - these happen mainly during the early hours of the morning when I am sleeping. They are focused on the left side of my head, superior and slightly forward of the left ear. General head pain accompanies this.

- stiff back, particularly in the upper spine and neck
- muscle pain - I went to see an osteopath who commented on the tight muscle tone in my upper back, neck and shoulders. Massaging these areas causes intense pain
- loss of strength - I have noticed over the last 5 years or so that I appear to be getting weaker. Maybe this is my imagination or a sign of me getting older and more unfit, but I doubt it.

- tremors - for two years now I have noticed how fatigued my muscles get after a period of exersion. I know my body well after teaching karate for 5 years - and I know this is not normal for me. After exercise my hands will tremor. If I take a piece of paper between my first finger and thumb and squeeze I get the same tremor every time. I also get the same tremor when squeezing someones hand (i.E when hand shaking).

- tinitis in my left ear
- dizinnes when falling back and when turning my head to the right.

My neurologist performed a scan on my head to eliminate brain tumors. There was no sign of this but there was signs that I had minor sinus problems. The result was referral to an ent specialist who says I have some pollips that need removing.

I do not believe that this is the cause of my problems. I am getting increasing concerned and am in desperate need of help. I would like to go back to my neurologist armed with information. Please help me people.

I am particularly interested if you have any suggested diagnosis. It has been suggested to me by one student that I might have 'hughs syndrome'.

Thanks in advance.
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