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Itchy Mole In My Armpit. Please Give Me Some Info

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It started itching and hurting friday night so I have to wait the whole weekend before I can call a dermatologist, so if anyone can give me some information that might put my mind at ease I would really appreciate it. The itching is driving me crazy.

It's brown, round and kind of sticks up out of the skin a bit. There's a slightly lighter colored bit on it that seems to be the main source of the irritation. I heard that moles aren't dangerous unless they turn black, but I also heard that itching can be bad too. Or is that just because it's in my armpit? I dunno.

Has anyone else had annoying armpit moles that itched, and were they dangerous or not? Thanks.

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First Helper Mike_Kolesh

replied May 23rd, 2008
I have a tiny little mole close to my armpit, but realistically under my bra strap. It itches in that spot sometimes and I wonder if it is the strap irritating it, or if it's the mole itself. I also have a small mole on left side of my bicep that itches in that spot too. I have told myself maybe it's just dry skin so I use lotion, but I really don't know.
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replied March 5th, 2009
I have a mole under my left armpit. But it doesn't bother me i've had it my whole life.
I just want it removed because its unattractive and im really self concious about it when i wear tank tops and sleeveless shirts.
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