Hi everyone,
well im 19yrs old, fairly healthy. Am constantly constipated but iv just lived with that fact because its not really bothered me before. However, recently I began to get really bad stomach cramps and constipation which was really really bad - weeks on end. So I went to my doctor, who prescribed me with the usual laxatives, I took these but nothing happened. I carried on having these for about 2weeks but still nothing. Anyway, I went back to my doctor, who gave me somemore stronger one and also something to put up my anus - embarassing as hell!! Lol. But still nothing happened!! This was most unusual, even for me, I have now had constipation and stomach cramps for a good few weeks. Im now also getting bloody urine, and have been vomiting blood for the past 4 days. I look so pale and yellow and feel like I cant eat a thing. I have extreme bloating and my stomach just sticks out! I have made a appointment with my doctor but cant be seen till wednesday.
I feel soo sick - does anyone know whats happening to me? Or has anyone suffered the same symptoms as me??Could it possibly be kidney stones??
Please help!!!!
Thanx xxx
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replied August 12th, 2006
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My suggestion is to call the dr on call or get to the er department and generally they want you to call the dr on call 1st. I am not a dr but that would be my decision. Some towns have sort of like these walk in acute care centers that are similar to er.
Let us know what you find out! I have to take a lot of pain meds do to a medical situation, I an not a dr but I have found that senna with cascara works for me and I order it through puritan's pride, I hope that you find something that works for you, have you had a colonoscopy, maybe you might think of getting a second opinion if this dr is not helping you.
All the best!
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