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a Cyst? Can I Remove It Myself? How Much to Get It Remov

Ok so I had this thing on the forskin of my penis. Its like this bubble looking thing on my skin.

Its the same color as my skin, its just a lump, or bubble.

I had it since I was about 10 and im 17 now. I always thought it was filled with air or something cause thats what it felt like, but now that I pay more attension it feels like there is something hard inside like a little hard ball thing.

It never really grew that much over the time, but I tried to stick a needle in it to pop it or something not too long ago.

I went to the doctor this week about it, I asked him wat it was, I showed it to him and he looked at it for only like 10 seconds as if he didnt really care what that lump was. He then asked me does it hurt, I said no. He asked if it grew at all I said no. He then just said its a cyst and that its not necessary to remove it and the surgery would be totally cosmetic.

The thing I noticed is that the lump grew after I tried to pop it that one time and I told my doctor it didnt grow and this kind of worries me.

About the surgery, he said it would probably cost alot of money and is not necessary.

The thing I dont understand about this is how would removing a lump or just getting watever is in out of there surgery? This is like a 10 minute thing probably. How would this cost alot of money? Does anyone know how much it would cost?

Then I talked to my mom about this and she said I shouldnt do it because the doctor said its not necessary and that it would cost alot of money. I told her I dont feel comfortable with it tho and she said like pretty much who cares about everyone has something wrong on their body but im like this is my penis! Shes like well why do u care, ur not gonna be having sex at this age right? Im like rightttt :roll: then my mom also says that if its a birth thing, u should never remove it because people die from that. Is that true?

What should I do? How much does surgery cost? Is it possible for me to pop it myself? Or is that bad to do it urself?

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replied August 16th, 2007
My girlfriend had it done so I kind of can understand where your coming from. Heres was exactly where yours is, except on her girl parts Wink She was self consious about it and when she had it removed she was so so excited. I was her go-to girl whenever she wanted to talk about feeling uncomfortable, when she tried to get rid of it herself, ext.. I don't think it cost her that much to have it removed so look into it yourself. Sorry your mom doesn't understand!
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