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Persistant Coccyx Pain

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i'm 31 years old and play racquetball once a week.

About 6-8 months ago I started feeling pain in my coccyx while sitting with my weight mostly to my left side, or when lying in bed on my left side. The pain is not unbearable or disabling, but it is pretty sharp.

I had no idea what it was until one day (after about 1-2 months of the pain first appearing) while playing I crashed the left side of my body against the court's wall (which is something I used to do very frequently while playing) and immediately felt the sharp pain again, very strongly. I immediately started blaming my style of play, or at least that particular move, to my "injury". Of course i'm not 100% convinced...Which is why i'm here.

Months later, the pain's not going away, but i'm not doing anything to fix it either. I'm not crashing into walls anymore, but prolonged sitting and sleeping on my left side trigger the pain..Which subsides after a few minutes.

Also, if I touch my coccyxs and put preasure on the left side (that is, touching the left side of the little tailbone) I feel the sharp pain...It feels pretty superficial! The right side is completely painless.

I read online the rare possibility of tumors and the like. Is there a way to examine myself without having to go through mri's and rectal exams, that would suggest the cause of the pain one way or another?

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First Helper onyxnova

replied June 11th, 2010
Tailbone pain
Hi Josega,
I am 36, my tailbone pain started, when I was going to school and had to sit for long hours some 6 yrs back. Then I had remission periods, but it keeps coming back.
I have the pain on the left side of the tailbone, it starts when I sit on my left side, or on hard surface, and it makes standing up very painful, but not debilitating, as in your case. Also, I feel pain by pressing on the left side of the tailbone The right side is painless.
Tailbone xrays are negative. The special coccyx cushion helps a bit. A couple of days back, I saw a tailbone excercise on youtube, called 'tailbone twist' by ZEN. I did the excersise for a minute and, for next two days I had a stiff neck. But, then I continued it, and now sometimes when I sit, I totally forget about the pain. I try to feel it by moving on my sides but it goes away totally for period of times. I am planning to do this excersise regularly, and see if this works for long term.
Pain meds or injections are not an option, and my pain is not very severe. But, sure it is very annoying. I can't sit for 10 mins without discomfort, and I have to keep changing sides while sitting. I have read many tailbone pain blogs, but your condition is exactly like me.
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