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Small Hard Lump On Back Side of Neck

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Hi I have a hard fixed lump on the right side of my neck towards the back of it. I press on it and it does not hurt or anything. It doesn't move around. It isn't really visible but if you touch it you can definitly feel it.

I previously had a lump like it above where this one is but it wen't away after about a week. This lump I have only had for a day or two. I was working out with weights which may have been causing strain on my neck but I am not sure.

So what could a hard painless lump on the back side of my neck be?

Im really worried and I can't go to the doctor for atleast another 4 days because I am out of town. By the way I am 16 years old.

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replied August 10th, 2006
Please someone help me!
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replied August 11th, 2011
Lump under skin
I got the same on my shoulder blade and like you said but looks like a bot fly larva under skin. But don't riggle or move and is hard to touch! lol
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