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My Two Daughters With Asthma

Hi i’m helen in my life I had two daughters, they were pretty and beautiful like her mother, they were normal girls, studied the primary and the secondary . When they were 10 years old, they fell ill of the bronchi they were living in lima a humid enough but warm city, it hurt very much their health, their mother was working and the father also but out of the country. In this along time they grew with their aunt and grandmother, anything that was happening to my daughters they were going to the doctor and little by little they were falling ill more and more. When they were 13 years old when they were 13 years old they liked the football but only they saw for television and could not practise whereas their companions of class were practising. They were the jeer of the classroom and they were calling them the asthmatic.( my two daughters)

when they were 15 years old they were very close to god, they were using inhalers to be able to breathe better...( I wanted very much to these inhalers.)

always we were going of walk and the first thing in going they were the inhalers before the food of so much using the inhalers my daughters began to vote for blood for the mouth, the doctors were saying: surely her throat was irritated and some vein was broken, erything was false very false nevertheless there were pieces of the lung that was voting for her throat and were consumed little by little, to this part of the history the doctors were calling this pulmonary fibrosis , this is when the lung becomes pieces to itself and struggles to the heart to pump oxygen. Thanks to the use of the inhalers.

They were 16 years old and it was evolving more the disease there was not reacting a part of her heart, they could not walk very well only they were sat without doing anything. The family was very worried and desperate, good looking and looking to be able to cure my daughters, until one day I found a formula but bad luck my daughters were dead, it was a formula naturist who helps to expectorate the phlegm, I hope that this could help others persons to have my case.
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