I need some advice from "seasoned" migraine sufferers. I've only had two migraines in my entire life. The first was two years ago (headache + nausea and vomitting) and the second was just a few days ago (same symptoms, but much more mild.)

my mother had migraines for about 20 years, but they seemed to have stopped. She no longer has migraine medication in the house, so she gave me a perkiset left over from her gallbladder attack. The migraine lasted about 2 days, but went away after taking the perkiset. The first lasted a few hours- I just took some pain killers.

Not only am I concerned about developing a migraine problem, i'm also concerned about other health problems that may be related. For the past month, i've been having bowel problems (i posted about them on here, actually), constipation, odd stools, etc. The days before my migraine, they got worse. I felt nauseous. Now those problems seem to be resolving on their own.

Does anyone else get bowel problems with migraines? Keep in mind that I went to my doctor last week for tests, and nothing weird came up. I'm also on birth control, but I never had these problems after the first month.
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replied September 6th, 2006
Nausea, vomitting and bowel problems are all symptoms of a migraine. You can get them all at once, none, or just a combination. I used to just have a serious problem with vomiting and this was put on the abortives meds that are rapid release and not imitrex shots. But now it is mostly nausea or bowels or both. I am so lucky that way. :?
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