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Since late march, i've had a tension-like headache feeling in my forehead, and pressure behind my eyes, sinus area- my eyes feel like they're burning and tired all the time- I have a normal sinus ct, my opthamologist says everything looks good (some dry patched on my eye for which I am taking restasis for chronic dry eye), no allergies, and normal blood work. I am going a bit crazy with this- has anyone had anything similar? Any help would be much appreciated.
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replied December 11th, 2007
My Eyes
my eyes are burning each time my sinus acts up. My doctor says that i have eye allergies, I cant look at any thing that is whiter most of the times and its really devastating, What can i do to help this situation? I really need some advise Crying or Very sad
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replied October 17th, 2009
I also have the same exact symptoms as described. I think you may want to take a look at the passage below.

Gluten One food elimination that has proven to reduce or eliminate migraines in a percentage of patients is gluten. For those with (often undiagnosed) celiac disease or other forms of gluten sensitivity, migraines may be a symptom of gluten intolerance. One study found that migraine sufferers were ten times more likely than the general population to have celiac disease, and that a gluten-free diet eliminated or reduced migraines in these patients.[29] Another study of 10 patients with a long history of chronic headaches that had recently worsened or were resistant to treatment found that all 10 patients were sensitive to gluten. MRI scans determined that each had inflammation in their central nervous systems caused by gluten-sensitivity. Seven out of nine of these patients that went on a gluten-free diet stopped having headaches completely.
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replied March 29th, 2010
i feel your pain. Same thing. If I can control my quantity of sex, my symptoms are under control. if I am a little out of control, I pay for it. Burning/tired eyes, headache above my left eye. Major nervousness. Eyes look kind of bloodshot. Wanna talk, reply with email. I have been struggling for years. I'll have to look into gluten though I wonder if that actually helped the guy who said he had the same symptoms as us.
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replied October 12th, 2010
I have the same problems. I often go to sleep to help make it stop, but it just relieves the pressure and burning while I'm asleep. I would really be interested to know if you have found any solutions as of yet?
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replied October 15th, 2010
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A lot of the symptoms explained are similar to those people who have a sensitivity to electro magnetic radiation from cell phones, DECT phones, Wi Fi communications equipment and Wireless computer set up.
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replied October 17th, 2010
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2netta wrote:
As a NM Dentist, I would encourage you to seek an opinion of a well trained Neuromuscular Dentist. Additonally, an AO Chiropractor or a cranial sacral therapist may also give you some short term symptom relief.

That's interesting that you are a NM dentist, because I suffer from burning eyes all the time, day in and day out, night in and night out. Also, with the burning of the eyes I also had burning of the mouth, which was extreme. I kept on explaining to my medicos that my mouth felt like battery acid, and was burning and tingling all the time, including my eyes. No diagnosis was given, then I went to a holistic dentists and I explained it to him and he said that I was experiencing the "galvanic affect". He also explained that mercury was also possibly being excreted into my body, as the electro magnetic radiation from the sophisticated world of the day was causing an electrosis in my mouth as the amalgam was acting like a conductor with the saliva in my mouth. I had all the amalgam fillings removed and replaced with other fillings, and had the two root canals that were always aching and the extreme suffering that I had with burning mouth syndrome reduced considerably. And also replaced two dental caps that were fitted upon a metal plate. Now, if the RF of EMR can cause that affect in the mouth, then why can't it cause burning in the eyes?

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replied October 17th, 2010
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I have suffered with BMS since 1994 after dental amalgam restoration, but it was intermittent and wasn’t a problem, and at the time I just assumed I had some form of fungus or infection in my mouth. I had a Sjogren’s test that showed nothing. I wasn’t diagnosed BMS until 2008.

It became a real problem in 2002 when I moved into an area that was bathed in electro magnetic radiation from microwave and Wi Fi emissions from towers and other electronic communications equipment and towers, which I wasn’t aware of this sort of problem..

I began to notice that my mouth problem becoming worse as my teeth began to tingle and ache constantly. In 2003, my dentist restored two teeth that were playing up by root canal procedure, and after that restoration my suffering of BMS increased, in fact the two root canals ached constantly. In 2007 I had four dental caps fitted, and then all hell broke loose, and where my tongue rested against one of the dental caps I ended up with a large blister on my tongue. At that time and I wasn’t aware that a new Wi Fi transmitter was installed in a close vicinity of our homes.

In 2009 all of a sudden my severe symptoms of BMS that started in 2007 stopped, as quick as they began, and that was when I found out about this Wi Fi transmitter, because it was accidentally turned “OFF” for over three days. It was then that I began to see that all my other illnesses that I had been suffering from for many years that were referred to as “syndromes” were possibly related to EMR from microwave emissions from electronic equipment and EMF from the power fields of electrical equipment and home wiring. It was then that I began my research into what is known as radiation, microwave, wireless, radio sickness were exactly the same as electro hypersensitivity syndrome; sick building syndrome; chronic fatigue syndrome; fibro myalgia syndrome; and anxiety disorder. Therefore, why couldn’t BMS be the same?

My mouth was like “battery acid”, and had a continual metallic taste in the mouth, which was describable, but brought a normal response from my medico and all previous dentists as undiagnosable. One day I came across a medical research article on BMS that were conducted by four medical professors, who did tests with some people who had amalgam fillings and some who had none. They conducted their test having the people use their cell phones for a length of time, and they found that the mercury levels in the bodies of those people who had amalgam fillings increased considerably. And that is when I decided to have my amalgam fillings removed.

I had the amalgam fillings removed and replaced; and the BMS dropped from 95% torment to 45% torment I did notice that my BMS became worse at night, and didn’t really make an sense at that time. Not only did my BMS improve, so did other symptoms of all my other syndromes. I also had the two root canals that had were continually painful for the next few years, and had them removed completely, and there was a further decrease in suffering. I had two of the dental caps removed that were sitting on a metal plate, and again there was significant decrease, and have a further two dental caps to be removed. It all costs money.

My BSM suffering had decreased considerably, but the long-term affect of continual bombardment of EMR and EMF had its consequences on my body, I have to be very careful when drinking and eating anything that was extremely hot, because my roof of my mouth would blister, also when eating dry biscuits I have to be careful how I eat, because basically all the tissue of the mouth fragile, much the same as your arms from long term UV radiation. The electrosis and long-term affect from EMR and EMF has caused the breakdown of my bodily cells causing BMS and all other syndromes.

Therefore, what you refer to as “galvanic shock” is nothing more that normal electrical electrosis going on in a person’s mouth from the invisible forces of EMR and EMF being applied to a conductor giving a negative and positive reaction through a solution (saliva) the same as what is goes on in a battery when it’s being charged.

I do agree with you that vitamin deficiency does cause such, including burning and tingling sensation in face, arms, legs, ankles and feet; but so does EMR and EMF. Also, what you may call “nerve entrapment”, I refer to EMR and EMF damage to the nerve ends, by long-term affect of continual bombardment of microwave radiation, and power fields that destroy the nerve ends, and that is why so many people suffer from other syndromes called Sick Building Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibro Myalgia Syndrome, and possibly Sjogren’s! The main symptoms of these syndromes are migraines, headaches, tiredness, fatigue easily, loss of memory, tingling sensations, weakness, burning sensations, and unusual pains.

I worked amongst the communications fields and amongst the most dangerous radio transmitters and receivers and I have seen what long-term affect of EMR and EMF can do to the human body. It is a thing that has become an “ostrich affect” because it’s invisible, then if you can’t see it, then it can’t hurt you, and it’s harmless.

The power company in my locality have now fitted Wi Fi “smart metres”, and since this installation my BMS suffering has increased and my burning eyes have also increased, and the burning eyes gets worse at night, when in fact as we sleep our body is suppose to repair itself, but it doesn’t get a chance to because of the continual bombardment of EMR and EMF that stops the healing process. After all we are a perfect created body of electrical circuits, and any such invisible electro force that is brought to bear upon a body at night, no wonder so many people suffer from restlessness and awake tired and felt as though they didn’t have a good night’s rest. I also believe that if these forces can cause these undiagnosable illnesses, such as SBS, CFS, IBS, FMS, then why can’t these forces affect the Greater and Lesser Occipital Nerves as well.

Thanks for listening.
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replied October 18th, 2010
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Thanks 2netta for your reply and interest,I accept your procedure of thought.

But my comments are not IDEAS, but FACTS!

I know exactly what I am suffering from and talking about, including the millions and millions of people who are suffering throughout the world.

Sweden is the first country to recognise the causation factor of many of these so-called epidemics we see in the medical field, and in FACT it’s a recognised disability and the government pays a pension to the sufferers.

Also, all the other countries have recognised this and have reduced the safety levels of radiation from extreme regulation to a very low regulation, like going from 100 to 10. Some countries who at the end of the pecking order have increased their regulations from 100 to a 1,000, and that is where the real dangers are.

I've been down the sleep apnoea trail, and as you said it has become an epidemic, and guess what it has only become an epidemic since the proliferation of the airways with EMR and EMF from electronic communications equipment that we in the modern world find hard to give up.

Much the same as brain tumours in children and adults under the age of 25, and also the increase with ADD, bipolar, schizophrenia, and all of a sudden this new syndrome called burning mouth syndrome. Irritable Bowel Syndrome has also become an epidemic as well.

Many brain surgeons have spoken out about cell phones and towers, and have stated that they have never seen so many brain tumours in children below the age of 14 years; and of course the increase of leukaemia in children and adults.

Did you know that many of these unproven, and undiagnosable clusters of illnesses all began in workplaces and schools after the installation Wi Fi communications equipment in the workplaces and schools? When some people with some commonsense realised the increase, they removed the Wi Fi from those areas and the people’s health returned. There were such examples in libraries of France. The librarians were suffering all strange symptoms of health problems and where having far too many “sickies”, and when they removed the Wi Fi from the libraries their health returned.

Cell phones and Wi Fi wireless equipment are the asbestos and cigarette smoking disaster of the past. After all those many decades ago the so-called experts said that asbestos and cigarettes couldn’t kill you.

Take care.
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replied October 19th, 2010
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You said: “I don't think that the EMR and EMF are the contributing factors on the scale that you think”, and basically my company manager said something similar many years ago in regards to asbesos, and I have abestos on my lungs. In those days it was harmless and it was nothing to worry about.

Like all things of the past and I guess it will continue on into the future that most will not accept research done by those who have qualifications, because they don't belong to the general flow of the dedicated beliefs. After all, most disagree with other people’s theories, assumptions, and beliefs. You disagree with my belief in regards to sleep apnoea, but all I am doing is expressing my views on my own foundation of my illnesses through EMR and EMF.

I have much material, but because it doesn't come out of medical journals then those who follow the dedicated beliefs wouldn’t consider it anyway. And when I say much material, I am speaking on a broad spectrum of the symptoms of EMR and EMF from sensitivity that is well documented on the Internet.

The information is out there on the Internet, and it’s impossible to produce the literature that would satisfy your interest, because basically my general statements covers many areas of consideration, but at the same time doesn’t belong to the areas of debate, because most concerned and obvious researchers comments are thrown into file 13, because they don’t marry up with the dedicated beliefs.

My intentions isn’t to prove anyone wrong, but to give others something to think about, after all, what I say now, will possibly be TRUTH in another decade. These days, we have many theories, assumptions, and beliefs, but in most cases there is no physical test to show that so and so, has such and such. I can assure you that the electronics companies wouldn’t want that to be so.

For an example I have a multiple benign cysts throughout my body, but they are classed as being harmless, but how do theories, assumptions, and beliefs confirm that is so, when from my own personal experience I could have died from theories, assumptions, and beliefs that belong to dedicated beliefs, after they removed such from my pancreas.

Sleep apnoea is a concern, and agree wholeheartedly what you are saying, but you can’t say for sure that all 100% cases of such is so, because it isn’t so. For an example, I couldn’t sleep on my back and I would stop breathing. All tests had shown that my sleep apnoea was mild, and couldn’t find out any reason why I would stop breathing. Then I had a theory, assumption, and belief; and stopped ingesting a particular puffer, my problem ceased. So what was the causation factor of my sleep apnoea? The medication that I was taking that was supposed to help me.

I’m not here to debate anything, but to express my concerns and share them with all who suffer from the same symptoms that I suffer from and at least I now know what has been causing it. I can only speak from my own personal experiences from the many sleep apnoea tests that I have had, and beliefs given to me by the lung specialist who can say that he believes I have asthma, but yet no other member of the medical profession in the past thirty years diagnosed asthma.

I was personally prescribed new medication for asthma, and this so-called medication was the latest drug of all drugs, and it did nothing for me, but made my breathing problems worse. I was hospitalised for a week to do test, and during that time in hospital my symptoms reduced, because I was no longer living in my area of sensitivity. I slept well while I was hospital and when I returned to my area, my symptoms returned. Of course by dedicated beliefs I could have been diagnosed as Anxiety Disorder.

Through my experiences it brought me to a reasonable belief, and being in touch with some reality.

There are many cases where children and adults, who have suffered from asthma, and including diabetes, and were given the necessary medication for the treatment of these illnesses. But, after those sufferers were taken out of the environment of EMR and EMF their illnesses improved and some completely disappeared. In the case of my breathing problems, I notice that it gets worse when I am in and area that is blanketed with cell phones and Wi Fi hotspots, which I try hard to keep away. I have found the Blackberry phone causes me extreme headaches and migraines after a prolonged time. We can’t go around asking people to turn their mobile phones “OFF”, and sadly it’s worse in a medical centre. It’s sad that the lack of disrespect for others, even though on the wall it says to turn your phones “OFF”.

So, what proof have I got, or anyone else who suffers the same symptoms, but when those sufferers really know what the causation factor is, then they can take the necessary steps to remove themselves from that area and not suffer the trauma and drama of taking medication that is only covers up symptoms and doesn’t remove the causation factor.

Much knowledge is well documented overseas and on the Internet. But, we all know that the Internet is supposedly to be unfounded conspiracy theories, so where do you go from there? I can’t prove anything to you, or to anyone else, but I can warn people of the dangers of such, and the many people who suffer terribly from these things can at least take some note and be aware, and only then they will discover the truth, like we all did during the 20th Century that DDT, Dieldrin, Asbestos, and Cigarette smoke wasn’t harmless after all, but a killer.

Oh well, maybe in a decade, what I have expressed will most probably be proven, but only time will tell. I could ask you a question in regards to burning mouth syndrome, seeing that you are dentist, what is causation factor of BMS? You know and I know that you don’t know what causes BMS, but I know that it’s EMR and EMF, because of my first-hand experience.

So getting back to the actual forum, my headaches, and migraines are caused by EMR and EMF that comes out of electronic communications equipment. And if you were to put together all the symptoms of SBS, CFS, IBS, FBS, and MBS, then they are my symptoms that I suffer from and they are all my diagnosis, and I know that those symptoms are caused by EMR and EMF.

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replied October 19th, 2010
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By the way, I sent you two PMs with three sites to view and also a youtube site, did you view them?

What you described as BMS is exactly to a tee what I suffer from, but my suffering is constant and is EXTREME, my BMS doesn’t wax or wane. I always use the Mayo Clinic web site as information gathering.

You said: “Although we DON”T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT CAUSES BMS, most of the evidence points to a PROBLEM WITH THE NERVES that send information about our senses to the brain. These nerves are simply SENDING INCORRECT MESSAGE TO THE BRAIN. Different sets of nerves send information about pain, taste, and texture, and any combination of these nerves can be affected for a particular patient.”

You don’t’ know exactly what causes BMS, but you are ready to discount EMR and EMF, and infer what I am sharing is just and idea and not a fact. It’s a FACT my dear friend. A first hand sufferer in my case, knows what is right and what is wrong. And worked amongst EMR and EMF all my life, and I know what it can do, and science has no answer to why it can react that way, the same as medical science don’t know EXACTLY what causes BMS.

We all know that nerve ends of a human body are part and parcel of an electrical circuit connected to the brain, and we also know that if any part of the electrical circuit is interfered with by any form of outside source, then it will not function correctly. Is that correct? That outside source can be chemical, electrical, electronical, physical, or spiritual, which we all label as environmental problem. It could also be “global warming” (joke mate)!

The electrical and electronic circuits are interfered with when other electrical and electronic source comes to bear upon those circuits, such as cell phones and towers, Wi Fi transmitters. These electrical and electronical equipments are then shielded from these intereferences. How many time have you heard a cell phone tranmission when activated cause an interference on speakers of radio or TV? Yep, the invisible force of EMR and EMF has an affect on all forms of electrical circuits, such as human beings.

In my early days I had treatment for my BMS by a BMS specialist, and all the treatment did was exaberate my overall condition including all my other SYNDROMES, and all my nerves of my body began to tingle and burn more than before, and that’s interesting that it affected my nervous system. My symptom actually began in 1984/85 and I just assumed that I had some form of fungus problem, as it would come on me off and on. One minute I would have and the next minute it would go. It became worse after further dental restoration with amalgam fillings, and we lived near high transmission power lines.

My symptoms don’t wax or wane now, as they are permanent, due to all the EMR and EMF that I am exposed to.

You said: “What causes burning mouth? NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE. There are a few uncommon diseases that could be tested for in some patients, such as anemia, diabetes and oral yeast infections. For most patients with BMS, however, those tests turn out to be normal. WE KNOW THAT BMS IS NOT RELATED TO ANYTHING SERIOUS, SUCH AS CANCER.”

How do you know that, because nobody knows for sure? Two of my mates died from mouth cancer and they suffered BMS way back in the 1970s, when microwave sickness was a known fact and reported by the Rusian medical department! And they worked their whole life amongst the communications field, and was bathed day in and day out in EMR from microwave transmitters and receivers, including myself.

BMS isn’t just a pain and a nuisance, it’s a torture and torment.

You said: “How is burning mouth syndrome treated? Unfortunately, NO ONE HAS DEVELOPED A MEDICALLY PROVEN TREATMENT FOR BMS. THE MAIN PROBLEM IS THAT WE DON”T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT CAUSES BMS, therefore it is difficult to develop a treatment for the problem.”

There you are, you have stated that you don’t know exactly what causes BMS? Therefore, why can’t LONG-TERM, and PROLONGED microwave radiation from electronic and electrical equipment cause BMS? You say that normally women are more prone to have, therefore, is it because they are the most likely person to be sitting in front of a wireless computer, modem, and router all day, including a DECT phones, and any other form of electronic and electrical equipment in their workplace area?

I know of one situation where 12 women working in the same place over a period of ten years all got breat cancer. No males worked in that area, and it was found that those women’s workplace was directly over radio transmitters. Possibly they also suffered from BMS, and sadly we will never know.

Anyway, read the sites that I had sent to you in a message yesterday and today.
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