Ok this is really weird as I was starting to freak out thinking that I was a freak or something with this problem. Im also 16 and have found a smal lump on my anus. It suddenly appeared a few days ago, I didn't notice it until I went to the toilet and was in immense pain. It is making it very painful for me to sit down, but when I do manage to sit down for a while I am unable to move. I'm usually very active and at the present time I am unable to do any sports or walk at all.

It is pink in colour, the same as the skin surrounding it and is the shape of a chocolate minstrel which looked like it is stuck in there.

I'm starting to get really worried now as I am too embassed to tell anybody even my parents. Does anybody have an idea about what it could be?
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replied December 3rd, 2010
I have the same problem, Please Help!
Yeah me too, two days ago, i've notice a small lump just on my anus. I think it was when i had a poop and probably pushed too hard Razz So, i've tried to push it back in as it was very sensitive, especially when I sit or do sudden movement, but it sort of comes back. I'm very worried about and I fear words like cancer.
can someone please help and advice on this situation.
please tell me that it's going to disappear!
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replied February 1st, 2011
Hi to you both.

I read and replied to a similar post today. It really sounds like a Hemorrhoid (or pile) to me. They could be caused by poor diet and lack of excercise (meaning you need more fiber in your diet, and being healthy in general never hurts)

If I may suggest, try buying a topical cream from the pharmacy that will help for the discomfort and possibly bring the swelling down.

If that doesn't work within the time stated on the leaflet inside the box - I suggest that you put your pride in your pocket and consult your GP.

It's a good idea to try to seek advice and learn more about whatever's troubling you, but only a doctor, with experience, and a first-hand look at the problem could tell you for sure what the problem may be.

I hope this helps at all - and please let me know how you're doing! Good luck.
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