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I Only Took One Dose of Ecp And Have Side Effects. Help!

I recently had unprotected sex with my boyfriend however it was for a short
time and he did not finish because we didnt think that would be a good idea. About an hour or so after I took the ecp but completely forgot to take the second dose 12 hours later and remembered after the 72 hours was over. Its now about 5 days after taking the pills and I just got my period and have many of the symptoms. Im pretty sure its my period its very light and may just be spotting. I was researching online and it said that this could be a sign of being pregnant. Should I have something to worry about?
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replied August 9th, 2006
Ok first of all sperm is present the moment your bf has an erection its in pre-cum that clear fluid that seeps out and it takes one sperm to make a baby so anytime he is near your vagina even just rubbing without protection whatever day you are on your cycle even when your bleeding you run the risk of getting pregnant so unless you are planning on having a child do not use this method as birth control many people get pregnant this way I was one of them. Second yes light bleeding is called implantation bleeding and can be a sign of pregnancy my freind had that and then found out she was pregnant , take a test if it is negative and you still have symptoms go to the doctor any clinic will do one for free. Then if you are not pregnant and not planning on having children get some condoms get on the pill before you engage in sex again birth control of any kind is free to low income individuals and families through planned parenthood.
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