Hi.......A few weeks ago whilst at work I cut my hand with a stanley knife it was quite deep and did cause my hand to bleed.........I have reason to believe that another fellow worker who is hiv+ also cut his hand with the same knife about 3 weeks before.........I have read on the internet that it does not mean that I could be hiv+ as it was dry blood and it dies or something like that? As blood is exposed to air????? (sorry for my lack of knowledge)
im realy scared. Please help.
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replied August 11th, 2006
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No. U Dont
There is no way you could contract hiv by this method and youre purely safe. Hiv outside the body dies in less than 45 seconds. So there is no relation between your friend cutting with this knife 3 weeks before and you using the same knife now. Just ease your mind
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