Ok, heres goes. I'm currently active duty in the navy. I've been having these problems for about a year now, and doctors can't really diagnose me. Here are my symptoms:
-burning/itching/tingling of the hands and feet, along with swelling
-burning/itching of red lesions (not sure if thats what they are or not, but they look like red bumps that are usually not in any particular shape, but are usually about 2-3 inches wide), I get these all over my body.
-extreme fatigue, it doesn't matter if I get 11,10,9,8 hours of sleep I still feel very tired and weak.

There are quite a few other things that are going on with me, but these symptoms are my main concern.

My doc thinks I have chilblains, which is a type of lupus(?). She ran a whole lot of blood tests on me. The four that I see came back irregular are,

cd56 (nkh-1).......... 5.9 normal results are (7-31)
abs cd56+............. 81 normal results are (90-600)
fdp .................. Came back high.
D-dimmer.............. 1.03 normal results are (0.225-0.48)

my docs seem to be stumpped. Please help. I've been seen at portsmouth naval hosp. For a year now, and now their going to send me up to john hopkins thursday. I want any info that I can take up there with me.
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