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Am I At Danger For Delirium Tremens.

This summer, I have been drinking for about one time a week, but last week I drunk excesively two times and one beer other time, separated by one or two days of abstinence. I did not got bad when I drunk much, but I stayed "happy" for many hours. The only one beer day was yesterday, and waking for today I had a nightmare, that got me so afraid that I didnt want to move for three minutes. Gradually, then, I repressed the fear and I got up. I use to go to bed lately, but yesterday I went to bed early. Nightmare waked me up at an unusual hour for me, 7:30. I don't know whether it is due to the start of an alcohol withdrawal syndrome, or because a better sleeping giving chance for dreams and for earlier awakening. After it, I returned to sleeping without problems.
In the morning, I had a diffuse feeling of disconfort, for a while I felt boredom that I reduced drinking more coffee. Two hours later I felt sensations of "puncture" in my feet, that then disappeared. I ate lately, after a time of intense hunger, and while eating I remembered the nightmare, became afraid again, and then my fear converted to the fear of being coming crazy because I couldn't control the fear of the nightmare, and then I begun getting afraid of getting delirium tremens. When I read about the need for medical help with alcohol withdrawal, I become more anxious because of having to tell my bad actions for other person, but I calmed down when I read about gradual suppression of alcohol, and I wanted to do that technique for not having to ask for medical help. But I am afraid about whether drinking moderately for one or two days may produce me the dt later.
When I have smoked cigarettes today, I shifted form the tobacco withdrawal anxiety to a feeling of a bit of fear, only after 20 minutes of finishing the cigarette I got the full pleasure of it (of tobacco I am sure I am addicted).
Am I at risk or at the way of developing delirium tremens?
Do I have to monitor myself for some symptoms in the next days?
How can I avoid dt if I am at a risk or at the way for it?
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replied August 10th, 2006
Experienced User

Dt are something entirely different,. If you went into delirium tremens, you’d know it. Technicolor nightmares of the first order while wide awake. Most people who experience delirium tremens drink a lot more than you claim to have. Think a liter or two of vodka every day for months or years.

Bad dreams are just that, bad dreams. You’re overanalyzing it.

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replied December 21st, 2008
delirium tremens
i can assure you that it is not necessary to drink that much to experience delirium tremens.
i have just watched my partner experience them for a week manacled to a bed in a spainish hospital and he drank only cider on a regular basis.
it was very frightening and not something i would recommend.
he has now come through it and is detoxing and hopefully will not drink alcohol again.

replied December 6th, 2012
My Experience with Delirium Tremens
Im only 19 yearz old and i have been through delirium tremens before as well. I did hear laughing, but it wasnt my own voice, it was a more "demonic" voice, real deep and creepy sounding. I also kept hearing tha phone ringing, which it wasnt. I was shaking and sweating terribly, panicking that I had gone crazy forever. It was like this for about 2 dayz straight. Then on tha 3rd day, I THOUGHT i was feeling better. However, I went down into tha basement of my house (which is carpeted)and I began to see tha carpet "breathing" in and out in and out. I would see shadowz walking across tha wallz during tha day and not be able to sleep at night. When I would close my eyez, i began to see what appeared to be TV screenz playing black and white moviez behind my eyelidz. Later that day, I checked into a detox program. Tha DTs were one tha scariest thingz i have EVER been through and I would HATE to ever go through them again. They are definitely no joke.
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replied December 6th, 2012
My Experience With Delirium Tremens
Also, which I DID NOT mention, is that I was only drinkin 2 40 oz beerz a day for about 3 yearz straight. So tha post stating about (a liter or 2 of vodka a day for months or years) is what it takez to experience tha DTs is semi-false. I drank only beer, and I went through tha FULL BLOWN DTs. Tha alcohol content in tha beerz that i drank waz only 6%, although sometimez, if it were available, i would drink hard liquor, wine, or possibly ANYTHING with alcohol in it. I still experience tha shakez in my handz which is awful for somebody so young as I am (19). Tha hospital told me my liver enzymez were in tha 300s where tha "normal" liver count is 30-36. I still drink occasionally, but I DOUBT u will experience tha DTs for tha small amount of alcohol u consume. U should be fine Smile
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