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Ugh...dont Wat 2 Do Anymore!

Well....Things were going ok until now....The preg symptoms r kickin in it sucks soooo much!!....I have been takin tylenol and the headaches wont go away!!....Vincente just cant seem 2 stay outa trouble!!...He was aressted last week 4 battery!! Some guy was waiting 4 him 2 come out of the store but vince saw him 1st and knew wat he was gonna do and they started fightin and he messed him up really bad...I keep tellin him 2 stay away from fightin, only fight if they hit u first!!...So he is suspended from school until they decided if he will go back at all!!....Also my cousin has run away from home!...She ran away last summer , so she came 2 stay at my house 2 get away from her dad, she seemed happy here but now shes gone again!...I have finals this week and havent had tome 2 study been so busy n stressed!!.....Srry I had 2 vent! Sad luv u guys!

*deirdre susanna due june 28th*
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replied January 19th, 2004
Especially eHealthy
I hope things get better for you, vin, and your cuz. Good luck sweetie. I know things are tough, calm down, study as much as you can and just have faith!
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