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Re: Is High Tsh Linked to Irregular Menstrual Cycle?

Pls refer to my previous question regarding high tsh levels. I read the reply from the doctor. However, I forgot to mention that I got my endocrinology test done and my prolactin level is 19.64 ng/ml and my vagoinal scan shows bilateral polycystic ovaries with normal cervix, noe free fluids and an anteverted uterus with 9mm rndometrium. Also, the report says that both ovaries are slightly enlarged in size. Please let me know if this is ok and any corrective steps that need to be taken for me to get pregnant.


my previous question:

i have been having irregular menstrual cycle(once in 2 months) for the past 1 yr and upon consulting the doctor she had prescribed a thyroid test. The results showed that my triiodothyronine(t3) level was 1.04 ng/ml, thyroxine(t4) level was 5.12 ug/dl and tsh was 5.60 mlu/ml. The doctor said that my thyoid level was a bit high and prescribed thyronorm 25mg, to be taken everyday. I have been taking this for past 70 days. Do I still need to continue taking them? I have another 30 tablets left to be taken.

Also, is high tsh anyway linked to my irregular menstrual cycle. I'm planning to get pregnant, will high tsh effect this? Pls note that my doctor has adviced me not to try getting preganant till I complete the thyronorm course.
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