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Problem Reaching Orgasm

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Hello all,

i was shot when I was 18 and suffered some nerve damage in my body. Soon after this, I discovered during masturbation that I could no longer reach orgasm even tho I can still get an erection and masturbation and sex still feel physically pleasing. I have discovered over the years that I can reach orgasm but only when stimulating my prostate by inserting a sexual device up my rear end. Though this does work, I worry about possible long term effects this might have on my health and it is awkward to have to do that and stimulate myself in order to reach orgasm with my woman.

Does anyone know of any other options, be it medication or hypnotherapy anything else that might help me to reach orgasm without the manual stimulation to my prostate?
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replied August 5th, 2006
You have what is called a "high orgasmic threshold" and this can occur naturally in some men or can be caused by nerve damage due to disease or other causes.

The usual effects of this high orgasmic threshold are inhibited ejaculation/orgasm and sometimes erectile difficulty plus you will have a need for intense visual and physical stimulation to get yourself to the point where you can have an orgasm. The prostate gland in where all the circuitry from the penis to the brain passes and massaging it enhances sexual pleasure and sensitivity. As long as you are using a proper sex toy like a vib or a butt plug, or even the new aneros prostate massager, you should have no ill effects on your health.

There are no drugs that will increase male sexual desire (despite what the snakeoil salesmen will tell you) except perhaps alcohol but it can also cause sexual dysfunction. As for hynosis, you could try it but your problem is physical, no psychological so it's doubtful hypnosis will help.
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