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Hi , I posted this same problem on the pregnancy board, but I guess they are all out of practice with monitoring their cycles.

I wanted to do an "ask the doctor" question, but I always seem to come here when the doctors"offline" grrrr.

Need some help figuring this one out!
I had a normal to slightly heavier than normal period which began, two days earlier than expected. It lasted 5 days, and then, a week later (12 days after my period began) I started bleeding again- not spotting, bleeding, and it lasted 5 days again.
Has this ever happened to anyone ? Which one was my "real" period?
How do I know when to expect my next one now?

I came off the pill about 3-4 months ago, and have had normal cycles ever since, and ovulation came back on the first month, so i'm pretty certain my cycle was settled.

What's going on??
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