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Could This Be a Herniated Disc?

Hi. I have a question about this lower back pain my 15 year old neice is having. I'm wondering if it could be a herniated disc, but i'm not sure.

About 11 months ago my neice fell either on her lower back or her buttox while she was rollerskating. Maybe about a month after she started to have lower back pain. But it wasn't always there. It would appear for about a week or two, but then go away, and maybe come back again. It isn't severe. It doesn't stop her from doing everyday things.. But it hurts most when she tries to stand up straight or when she coughs or laughs. She had an x-ray but it didnt show anything.. So she's waiting for a call to get an mri. Could this possibly be a herniated disc? If it is, is it because of her fall while rollerskating?

I also read somewhere that back pain can be due to an infection. My neice also had to get stitches on her fingers cause she accidentally cut herself while using a knife to make dinner. Could it possibly be because there was an infection in her fingers that it traveled down to her back? I don't know if that sounds a little crazy, but I need to know. So if anybody has answers.. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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