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August 4th, 2011
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I know they are very old posts and i wonder how the people who wrote them are doing. These posts describe my situation to a T. He is so scared of loving me, saying he has feelings for me and denying after, feeling jealous and saying it was a joke, sying its me he wants and after saying the other woman was better in bed... and so on and on.He pulls an pushes weekly, he wants to see me and says at the same time he is seeing someone else, who is not important.He keeps saying we are just friends and giving me that terrible feeling that something is very wrong with me because of the rejection. He wanted sex all the time and now he says he doesnt any more. I feel im not good enough.
Hpwever, i know it is the ilness, Im a normal, loving, intelligent, sexy woman. I love him to bits and havwe lost him to the ilness. I`m grieveing and trying to accept it. I know the new woman will see the problems very soon (cannot kiss, cannot hold hands, is not affectionate, cannot be touched from the neck up, thinks sex all the time, dont pay debts, gets crazy ideas and never work any of them to reality, has no fixed home, story of destroyed relationships, family problems, money terrible problems, I mean, which woman is going to stick to this, even if the sex is out of this world, he has no flat to have sex and no money to pay a hotel. I know it by a fact. And he doesnt get involved emotionally.
The fact that we are separated now is also because he does have feelings for me that he is trying to repress and say he doesnt love me. It is not possible that he did not develop any feelings after one year and a half of a very close relationship, full of good things with a woman he called his angel, his best friend, a relationship God gave him, his `wife`.
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replied August 27th, 2011
I too know exactly what you're saying, Mine left me a few weeks ago & then came back. We spent several days in bliss & then suddenly he flipped, got upset with me over the smallest thing & completely blew it out of proportion & now has not spoken to me for the past few days. This is after telling me last weekend that he loved me over & over & we would be together forever.

I am so incredibly sad because although he drinks daily, I'm pretty convinced it's the bipolar that makes him this way. And that is the tragedy. Everyone has left him or he's pushed them away & I have tried to be patient, understanding & kind. But it's mostly one-sided. Our record for staying happy with no drama, is about 2 weeks. Then he comes up with something no matter how small & blows it up into something big, calls me names (sometimes quite nasty) & then after a day or two, will usually settle down, although this time other than apologizing thru text a couple of nights ago, I haven't heard anything in 5 days.

I love this man & it hurts alot. My friends & family think I'm crazy, but as anyone that is in such a relationship knows, the good times are amazing & it's hard to walk away. I'm still not ready to. Maybe soon.....
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