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Persistent Post Nasal Drip

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Here's my question: i've had a long history since my childhood (am now f/22) of having post nasal drip. My doctors always commented on it and most recently a doctor told me that I had rhinitis and post nasal drip. So, I have a history of frequent post nasal drip. At this point it seems to be pretty persistant every day and I just am not having allergy problems. I want to know if there's any other explanation for the post nasal drip and should I ask my doctor about this. I've had some stomach problems also and could that be related for this persistant drip. My nose isn't runny at all and i'm just not having allergy problems but I can feel it in my throat and look at it in the mirror. I try to swallow it but it feels like it's stuck and no matter how much I swallow it's still there.
For example: I just looked in my throat and there's definatley a thick white secretion in the back of my throat but I have no allergies, no runny nose, and it won't clear. This has been going on for a really really long time.
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