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My First Love Girl (coming Out Story)

I have been in an all girls school since I was a nursery and until now college but I never had encounter romance relationship with girls during my past years I even had a boyfriend when I was in highschool but it did not last long. I have been friend with my friend (girl) ex which is a lesbian for so long, she was there for me and so was I when I need a friend and out of the blue she told me that she likes me but then the sad part was she was courting another girl she did not ask me what I felt about her since she knows it was wrong and she is not expecting anything from me, she was scared if i'm bi or not..Thats why she did not ask.. Months after.. The topic just opened and asked me if I ever had feelings for her.. I do not know what to asnwer, at my own little corner I realized that I love her.. But its to late to admit that..Since its hard to get out from the girl she was courting for a year now. I love her, I want her but I want her to be happy even though its not with me. She is the first girl that I fell in love with. I told her that she does not have to make a choice, I dont want her to be confuse because of me. But I really do love her... Should I fight? Or wait? Or just let her go.... May be this is just a phase... Im not really bi.. I dont know how to tell my friends..
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replied February 25th, 2010
I'm not saying that you should do this but, if I was in your position I would tell her that I have feelings for her and that aslong as she is happy I'm happy.
This might not be any help but its just my opinion. Look at your gut feelings about what you should do and see if they tell you anything
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replied March 1st, 2010
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Tell her.
Maybe she's not happy with the other girl, or maybe she's more concerned about your comfort than actually attracted to you right now, or maybe this is something that has potential in your future when both of you are on more solid footing. No matter what happens you won't be holding on to this secret crush like a weight around your neck and she'll be better able to understand what you're feeling.

If you honestly do love her, how can you not tell her?
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