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Swollen Lymph Nodes, Utis, Bad Urine Smell..

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I have a strange urine odor from time to time as well. Im not sure what to compare it to but it just smells to me like some kind of chemical. I've had it sporadicly about 8 to 12 times. The first time was after drinking heavily and not drinking enough water. Every other time after that it seemed to happen after I drank alcohol or caffeein. The last time I got it was a few days ago but this time I had been off of caffeein and alcohol for over a week. I also get a burning sensation when I urinate if I dont drink alot of water, and I mean alot. I went to the gynecologist recently after having 2 pelvic lymph nodes swollen. I had a pap done along with a urine culture and he said there were leukocytes in my urine but the culture came back ok, and I had benign cellular changes in the pap but no diseases. He sent me home with an antibiotic. Im still worried though. Any suggestions?
Thank you.
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replied March 18th, 2013
i have that same issue I dnt drink water that much my urine smells like ammonia I got a pap all clear so not a disease they told me to drink cranberry pills that didn't work so still wondering cuz like u said its comes and goes ?
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