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Weaning Your Baby From Breastfeeding

Here's an important and vital article, I cannot post as a whole, so here's an abstract:

unfortunately, pleasant times end sooner or later. You will have to wean your precious baby from breasfeeding some day. How to make this process least painful for everybody?

Let’s clarify the concept

weaning means complete refusal from breasfeeding, but let’s arrange that we will call so not only complete, but also partial switch to other kind of nutrition. This will be correct, as a baby still will have to rearrange himself in every case.

How can we learn that this moment has come?

Baby moving into adulthood – is an individual process, and milestones on this way are rather relative. Moreover, this concerns a moment of weaning your baby from breastfeeding. Here there’re almost no rules and laws. Everyone relies on his own considerations while determining this stage. Some feel that “the moment has come”, other moms orient on their babies’ coevals, thirds want, finally, devote themselves to recovery of their figures. Today many pediatrists recommend to breastfeed a baby until you have milk. So, try to pay less attention to other people’s words and actions. Let your own baby and his choice be your most important reference point. Some babies refuse from breastfeeding by themselves, but there’re few of them.

According to world health organization, course of breastfeeding lasting up to 1,5-2 years is physiological both for mother and baby. During first 6 months of life a baby should be only nursed, if it’s possible.
One of reasons of weaning a baby from breastfeeding, which is fortunately a rare thing, can become an extraordinary case – sudden illness and/or hospitalization of a mother. Breastfeeding is contra-indicated, if you suffer from: suppurative mastitis, active form of tuberculosis, syphilis, other serious infections (scarlet fever, diphtheria etc.), oncological diseases, and also cardiovascular, liver and kidneys diseases in decompensation stage, when their structure and function are affected irreversibly, diabetes. If a woman suffers from such diseases, doctors prohibit breastfeeding, to avoid risk of baby infection through milk.

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