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Red Blotchy Itchy Skin

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Hi all, I come to you as a last resource to figure out my skin issues. Starting out about 2 years ago I noticed a red blotchy area on my chest which did not itch, slowly it seemed to move up my body into my shoulders and neck and down my arms but itching like crazy making it more inflamed and more itchy. This was something that would keep me up all night some nights feeling exhausted in the morning and still itchy. I have been to 2 family dr's who did not know so they sent me to a dermatologist who in turn sent me to a allergist which turned up no allergies. The symptoms have been on and off for the last year but have moved into my face and leaves it red around my eyes and seems to get really bad when I sweat. I have also tried alternative medicines and they did come up with that is could be a emotional state thing controlling my symptoms. It also itches in my limbs now (behind my knees for example). Any help would be sooooooooo much appreciated. Thank-you. :(
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replied July 31st, 2006
Hi there, you could be suffering with urticaria, although your allergist should of told you this, so i'm not entirely sure. Normaly itch skin conditions such as urticaria react well to antihistimines.

You can buy these over the counter at a chemist and personaly I would reccomend trying 'xyzal' which is levo-certizine hydrochloric failing that you could try clarytn.

Hope this helps
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