When I was a kid, I was very good at convincing myself that the absolute worst thing could, and was, happening to me. Once, my dad had been talking about rabies, and how you have to get the shots within 7 hours or you'll get rabies too. My dog nipped me on the heel later that day, not even drawing blood. I didn't tell anyone. Our dog was cute, and in no way had rabies! Later that night, I layed there, and felt my heart suddenly go faster and faster as I realised that I hadn't told anyone, and if I did have rabies, I was now going to die a horribly painful death. I didn't hyperventialte; that just doesn't seem to be my thing when I panic. But my stomach did get hot and tight, and I screamed for my mommy. She came in, obviously confused as hell, and comforted me.

Another time, a few years later, in 8th grade, I got left behind after all th ebusses left my school. It was february, I didn't know my phone number, and I was locked out of the school. Again, panic attack complete with me screaming into the empty night for help. I eventually collected myself and walked to the diner near by, and thank god our number was listed.

I have through the years managed to deal with this, so that when I do panic, I don't dissovle into utter chaos and screaming. I'm now a college student, and I am sexually active in a monagamous relationship. I am currently in the middle of a panic-attack-zone... Because I messed up my birth control pills.

I am waiting for my next period to confirm i'm not pregnant; i'm too scared to go buy a test. It's a long story, but sufficed to say, there is reason for me to be frightened about being pregnant, even though I got my period the day after unprotected sex. Yes, I calculated out the situation in which I could become pregnant, and yes, I assumed that all of the particulars of these events took place... Just like I assumed I had rabies. However, as this is a far more serious situation, I have been in the grips of tension for several days now, and it won't end until I get my period, exactly (i hope, and the thought makes me hot with fear) one week from this past tuesday.

I am believing every odd sign to be signals of pregnancy; when they could simply be related to the fact that I messed up the cycle my body had gotten into. I have fallen into states of catatonic fear, which for me involve not moving for almost ten minutes as I sit there and believe and fret over the absolute worst scenario. It's hard to manage this, but reaching out to others who I know and/or who are professionals has helped me. Obviously no one in my family; but a close friend who has been in my position, and I also called planned parenthood's hotline.

The point to all of this is that in order to assure ourselves when we are in the throes of panic, reach out!! Call someone or e-mail someone who you know can help you. Even if you doubt their advice, explaining your situation and your fears to someone else can often make you realise how unsubstantiated they are, and help you control your fear for another day; until whatever resolution you need can be reached.

For myself, i'm getting an iud after all this is over. But i'm still scared to make an appointment, because that, like a store bought test, will aboslutely confirm or deny my fears. And taking that absolut step is too hard, when you're scared.
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replied July 26th, 2006
I don't have the same situation as you do....But when my anxiety and over-reacting to situations makes me avoid doing what is right...And avoid doing something deep down I want to do (like buying a pregnancy test) I vocalize this to my husband...And he is my cheering section.

When I first realzied how bad my anxiety was...It was keeping me from going anywhere on vacation...I voiced my concerns to my doctor. I had a fear of taking medications for it because I knew that some are addiciting and I didn't want to be one of "those" people. But basically you have to weigh the negs and pos. The sooner you buy a test or something...The sooner you can end this. Find someone as your personal cheering section...Perhaps the guy you slept with...Or a family member?

My husband cheered me right through going on meds...And erased my fears because I knew he supported me and I wasn't alone.

Just a note...The reason I wanted to reply so badly to this post was becasue I have avoided alot of things because I fear the results....And also because my sister tammy had an iud put in and got pregnant....And so did a woman I work with. You may want to check what is the best choice for you.... I have been on birth control for 9 years now, and I take the pill religiously....On time....All the time....And I haven't gotten pregnant yet...And my periods are like clockwork!

Pm me if you need to talk...I can also aim you to talk if you like...I'll be your personal cheering section! Lol!
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replied July 26th, 2006
Especially eHealthy
I'm too scared to lose my boyfriend to this!! Just because this accident is my fault and I have betrayed his trust because i'm supposed to be the responsible one... (okay, this line of thought is not helping. Move on)

i can't tell any family, they'd come whisk me away and i'd never see my boyfriend again, whom I love deeply.(same thing, think of something else)

i do love how regular my periods are but i'm so scared i'll mess up again and next time (maybe even this time) I won't be so lucky. Iud's are supposed to be more effective than the pill; why do I keep hearing horror stories of women pregnant on them!? And horror stories of women being pregnant and still having their period?! It's driving me insane... I haven't done hardly anything productive these past 4 days.

I need some real statistics!!

I know exactly what you mean, about anxiety preventing you from doing things... I am also afraid of driving; i'm afraid of talking to people about important things, etc... The thing is that i'm so solid, like a rock, otherwise.
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