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Ephedrine... what People??

Do you still use Ephedrine?
Yes, I use it instead of Coffee
Yes, I use it for weight loss
No, I TRIED it but didn't like it
No, I think it's too dangerous & have never tried it
No, I can't get it in my state/area
25%  25%  [ 2 ]
0%  0%  [ 0 ]
37%  37%  [ 3 ]
25%  25%  [ 2 ]
12%  12%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 8
Ok, I know that the title is kinda harsh but I am looking for people's true stories about their use of ephedrine or ephedra or any other name it goes by.

How long have you used it?
Was the experience good, bad, or neutral?
And most importantly...
How much did you (really) take?

I have been using ephedrine on and off since about 2000 and the 1 and only time I ever had a bad experience was when I took a stupidly-large dose because a friend told me that it gives you a high like x. I don't know what it is like on x, but if you get this sick on x then I have no idea why anyone would do it! Lol!

99.999999% of all bad stories I have heard all involve stupidly large doses (where they should have known better, like me!), combining it with other intoxicants like alcohol or pot (again, where they should have known better!), or medium to large doses combined with vigorous physical activities (like playing baseball)

i have never heard of a bad experience from a person who takes new medications or supplements the right way and starts on the smallest dose to make sure that they react well and then only take the minimum amount to get the effect they desire. Only stupid people that decide to take 10x the recommended dose or take other drugs/intoxicants with it!

I have safely taken this stuff for years and years and was really pissed off when they banned it because the human race has this idea in their heads that if a little works well then if you just swallow the whole bottle it will work great!!

How could the whole country get so distracted on ephedrine while tons of other products out there are killing 100x more people?? Has no one out there read the documentation on acetaminophen? (brand name tylenol)

if you drink any alcohol while on it your liver and kidney’s can get damaged.
If you take it more then 6 times a month, it inhibits the cell growth of lung cells. (i know this is true…since I stopped taking it I have twice the lung capacity and don’t wake up with a pain in my chest when I yawn!)
take just a small amount more then recommended and take the chance of having your kidneys shut down!

The reason that the real stats on deaths attributed to acetaminophen is that if you od on it then the company can call it suicide so it isn’t their products fault because the consumer must have taken “that much” on purpose because they wanted to die… great the way that lawyers and lobbyist’s can spin the facts to mean something totally different!!

Unlike ephedrine the tylenol corporation has the cash and the clout to stop these facts from getting too much publicity but the proof is out there if you look at legitimate medical journals and the studies of legitimate peer reviewed organizations!

Tylenol has killed more people in the last 24 hours then have ever died from ephedrine! (including the stupid one’s that died from downing the whole bottle.)

so now that I have shared my experience I beg of you to share your experience with me!

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replied August 2nd, 2006
I used t once, felt awesome, breathed awesome, amazing energy, could kick anyones ass, best feeling ever, went to take a piss and my penis was missing, that side effect alone is too much for me.
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replied August 4th, 2006
Experienced User
Ha ha...

I suppose your one of those people that go to the gay/lesbian forum and talks about how much you hate gay's...

This is a medical forum...

This isn't the anime forum or the cat forum or the !**@! forum...

We want real answers so if you want to be a smart ass and !**@! around then you can go to dumbfuck.Com and be an !**@! there...

You caught me in a bad mood...

I won't appologize because I mean what I say but I will tell you why I am being so blunt...

So go smoke some pot and watch teletubbies because that is what your responce shows to be your maturity and intelegence levle...
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replied May 30th, 2007
No Ill Effects
I have been using ephedrine for 20+ years and will continue to use it into the future as long as the meth-heads dont completely ruin a good natural remedy! I take about 6 a day now, mixed with guifenesin (the only way I can get it anymore...damn druggies). I have chronic allergies and mild asthma, so it helps me breathe a great deal. I have never taken sudden high doses, I have stepped up and down gradually, so I have experienced no ill effects. My blood pressure is perfect consistently, and at 36 years old now, I am very healthy in every way they say I shouldnt be. As you stated, the only time ephedrine is dangerous is when its abused in some way by someone who is uneducated or looking for a high. I have been on varying doses throughout the years, and I have never found that one gets "high" from it. The idiots I know who did abuse it told me that its like trying to get "high" on caffeine...take a little too much and you will just feel ill, not good at all. I think it is safer and better than most of the drugs they want to dish out for asthma and weight does work for both.
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replied March 17th, 2011
I used it and I had no ill effects EVER
I used the stuff for yeas too, it kept my weight off, killed cravings. What I hate is these people that work at GMC and Vitamin Shoppe and other health stores that believe all the garbage and lies of Ephedrine. The stuff made EVERYTHING work and without it nothing works. Energy drinks today are just a sugary joke without their former "main" ingredient.
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