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Hi I have been reading this forum for the past 2 months as I was looking for a answer to the feelings and pains I was having as I could not believe I was stressed (this is what the doctor has been telling me ) :roll:

i am a 25 year old guy was very very fit gym addict have a good job nice house stunning girlfriend for 10 years so all was well until 1 day in feb this year , I was stitting in work and felt real dizzy then started to have pains in my chest my tummy my arms legs it was so bad I thought I was going to die (ran out of work straight to doctors ) he put me on esg blood pressure tested taken bloods taken ect ,he sent me home and told me to rest as I have just had a panic attack (like most of you guys did not belive him )

how could I have one of them must be something seriously wrong with me

could I have a brain tumor ?
Could I have problems with my liver ?
Could I have cancer ?
Could I have heart problems ?

The dizziness got wose and worse could not shift it no matter what the worrying got worse whats wrong why me when will I get better , started having very bad pains in my tummy feeling sick ,getting the sweats and these would last all day till the next ,

back to the docs !!

Explained to him how I was feeling he told me its stress as ill my vital signs are fine but he will refer me for my heart to be checked as I have private health insurance since then I have had

my heart checked (scan - echo gram - 24 hour tape

seem a nuro surgeon - all ok there

seen a ent doc - all ok there

had moore blood tests urine tests all ok there

but I was still feeling in ill real ill infact as I could not take anymore this was until june the 22 when I was sitting in work trawlling the net for some answers then it dawned on me like a bolt of lightning you know what you are stressed and your going to beat it ***********

this may sound strange or weard I started to feel a bit better more positive but started to believe I was not going to die for a few days after that all my symtoms had gone completely I was my old self and wanted to shout out loud ***** we are now a few weeks on and there ios no good me telling porkys I have had the odd hour of feeling dixxy week ill but I pick my self back up and preach to myself im goona beat this I have stress nothing else ******** I pick my mood up try and have a joke with someone and you know what it goes again I feel better ,im not saying im there yet but what I can say is im fighting this taking the bull by its horns and im going to get better ,,,,,

so my advice is all these symtoms your having are all to do with stress you need to tell your self now that it is stress what is causing it and you can beat it you can do it mike life better for your self !! I can 1000% guaranty that as soon as you realize that you are not termaly ill and that stress is the cause you will start to feel better !! Get up and be counted dont let what you have ruin your life (easyer said than done you may think) its not I have done it so you can to

thanks !!
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replied July 26th, 2006
Thanks for the reply rob , all you guys who are feeling ill (and I know how bad this can be) start telling yourself its stress and im gonna fight this you will be suprised !!
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replied July 26th, 2006
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Great words there smj !!

Thankfully, I am also in the same situation as you after a year of complete panic ! I'm not there yet, but i'm trying, and it is getting a lot better. If I can do it anyone can. Believe me, I was one of the worst on this forum, read my earlier posts. Believe that you can beat it, one day you will realise that you are not going to die, or have any illness. Smj I had that "feeling". I was keeping myself occupied and focused all of my attention on something else (not realising) but then I stopped a few minutes later and thought hold on, I did not feel any symptoms at all then ! That's when I finally believed what everyone was telling me. Keep yourself occupied, as hard as it may be, with time your problems will get less of an issue.

All the best,

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replied July 26th, 2006
Thanks for the reply jamesab

i thought that this forum needs some more positive post rather than all neg !!

Ok we now have me and jamesab saying that we are beating this so this is proof that its all up to you to deal and beat this horrible problem
i would like this thread to keep alive so others can read it and see from them selves it can be done and hopefully will help some people realise that they can beat it and if I help 1 person I will be more than happy

so guys post your good coments on this thread to help others

come on all stick together and help everyone !¬!
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replied July 26th, 2006
Extremely eHealthy
Yes I do agree with you partially, sometimes that help is at the end of your arm and we are here for you and if you do need outside help it is there for you too!
All the best!
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replied July 26th, 2006
Positive belief is the way forward.

Believe that you are not ill, that you are not dying - because it's not very likely that you are!!

You have the inner power to move forward and to keep your symptons at bay - why should they spoil your life.

Think happy and you will be......

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