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Postponing Menstrual Cycle By 1 Week...

I recently made an appointment for a colposcopy (examination and biopsy of cervical tissue) but realized that the day for which it's scheduled is right smack in the middle of my period. Once in the past, I delayed my period for a week by switching the first week of my next pack with the final week of my current pack, but i'm not sure whether this is the best idea or even a healthy choice. I know that I have heard of people switching their period around with b/c for big events like vacations or honeymoons, so I know it's possible--but how should I do it?

(i can't switch the appointment unless absolutely essential because I am going to be out of town for two weeks following it, and the colposcopy is relatively urgent.)
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replied July 24th, 2006
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Yes, just skip the placebo pills, and continue into the next pack!

This may not work 100% though, many women will still spot or bleed even if they do intend to skip the period.Monophasic pills work best for skipping a period.
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