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Headache That Never Goes Away With Medicine

Hi I hope someone can help or answer my question.

I have headaches quite often lasting for weeks. It usually comes before my period and then the whole week of my period. I take excedrine but it does not help. I took pamprin also to see if they are related to pms but that didn't help either. I'm on the patch so i'm not sure if it's the extra amount of estrogen i'm getting or what. But when I was off birth control I still had these headaches.

I was wondering if this was normal or what I need to do about it. I dont' feel my regular doctor can help and I don't know what to do.

It's a pain right behind my eyes. I wear contacts so I don't think my eyes are straining.

Thanks for anyone who helps or comments.
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replied July 23rd, 2006
Headaches That Are Always Present
Fibro mialgia can mannafest iysef just that way, how do you sleep does your feet hurt, sound funny but read up on it. Debbie
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replied July 23rd, 2006
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Hi there! I am not a dr but my contacts used to give me headaches, have you seen your eye dr lately? Ask your dr to do the fibromyalgia test on you and let him know about the headaches and about them not letting up, are you light sensitive, do you have sinus problems, these are all the questions you should be asking your dr or optometrist. I know that I suffer with migranes and the only thing that helps me is if I take immitrex and promethezine and go to bed in a dark room at the onset of a migraine if I don't, I get totally nauseated.
Maybe someone else might have some more answers for you.
Good luck!
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replied August 1st, 2006

i am dr shally. I always recommend that one should avoid excessive use of allopathy medicines. You should go for natural remedies. There's a good informative site. Natural-homeremedies.Com/
it has natural home remedies for all common diseases.

Bye and take care
shally :)
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replied August 30th, 2006
Week Headache
My mother gets headaches like these. She ends up going to the er and they give her something to 'make it go away'. I tell her these are migraines, but she does not believe me. I say this because back in the day I used to get classical migraines about once a month and around that one migraine I would get about a week or more of headaches that would just not go away... Turns out they were mild migraines... Turns out they did not stay that way with me. Anyway, wish I could tell you what they gave here. But I do not for menestral migraines, even before the preventatives and abortives for severe ones, they suggest a stronger anti-inflamatory before your cycle and during it. I also take a water pill, diaretic, to get rid of water build up, seven days prior to my cycle, to help with just that type of migraine. So you might want to ask your doctor about it, although they may not even clue in that it is a migraine. And maybe not, I get a lot of tension headaches at that time too, tnsion headaches being a bit trigger for migraines naturally. But a severe tension headache can be difficult to treat as well, and I think the same thing would be in order, see a doctor and maybe they could give you a good antir-inflamitory to take at that time.
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