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I have a lot of moles, large ones, on my body that I find disgusting.
When I told my doctor that I wanted to get rid of them, he suggested cryotherapy (freezing them off). My mother said that might increase the risk of cancer.
So, I beg the question:
does freezing off moles increase the risk of cancer?

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replied July 21st, 2006
Sorry for not being too medically astute about the topic of mole removal, but I would suggest not worrying so much about what your mom says and to find out more about it from a medical professional. Maybe get a second opinion or find out if there are less risky ways to do it. From a personal standpoint I would highly reccomend finding some way to get them removed. If you find them disgusting then i'm sure there are men out there that do as well. Moles are not the most attractive thing, if you would feel better about yourself by having them removed then and the risk is minimal then go for it.
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