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Possibly Pregnant. I Need Help, Please!

I'm a 16 year old female, I had sex with my ex boyfriend july 9th, 2006. It was a first time for both of us, and we didn't use a condom. We had been drinking july 8th, and was just about all sober by the time we did it. I was on my period, and he didn't get off, but he was pre-cumming insanely. It's been a week, and I don't know how long it takes for signs of pregnancy to show. I've been worrying myself like crazy, reading, and trying to talk to my parents without actually telling them that I had done it.

Could someone please help me, and give me correct information, and tell me how soon you get signs of pregnancy. It would be greatly appreciated.

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replied July 16th, 2006
It's unlikely you got pregnant if you had sex during your period. Unlikely but not impossible. Count from the 1st day of your last period. If your periods are regular your will probably ovulate (be fertile) around day 10 to day 14. If your last period started around 10-14 days before july 9 (i think you said july 9) then you would be very likely to have gotten pregnant. Usually the 1st pregnancy symptoms come around the same time as you miss your period. By the time your period is about a week late you would be starting to feel unusually tired and your breasts will usually feel sore and larger. Nausea (morning sickness) can follow about a week later for some women. This is just a very general timeline - no two women are alike and and no two pregnancies are alike.

If I understood you correctly you had sex during your period. That is usually considered a 'safe time', but at only 16 your periods are not going to be completely regular and your body is still growing and changing. I do think you should talk to your mom, not necessarily about pregnancy but about getting on birth control. Until you know you and your partner are never going to have sex with anyone else (highly unlikely at 16!) you need to use birth control .A.N.D condoms every time!!! Good luck and play safe!!
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