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Fibromyalgia/cfs And Hypoglycemia

Some practicians told me I could have some fibromyalgia or cfs condition, which would explain some of my symptoms.

After looking on the web, I noted that some people seem to have both fibromyalgia (or cfs) and hypoglycemia.

I wonder if anyone has experience about this.

I think it is all linked to less-than-appropriate carb used by some muscles or something like this. The muscles are over-working, hence creating hypoglycemia later.

I wonder about this because I have been on a low-carb diet for about 15 days (11 days with absolutely no exception at all) and my pain and fatigue are back with great vengeance. I know that there are some fatigue involved with starting the new diet; however I clearly feel more my fibromyalgia/cfs-like symptoms. I feel stuffed from head to toe, with trouble deep breathing, pain in the muscles, and trouble even walking.

Anybody has anything to say about the firbomyalgia/cfs and hypoglycemia connection?

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